"More and More Practice!" and a Happier Yuki
Figure Skating Boutique Summer Skate on August 18, 2012
Following Short Program
Photography by GIGI HSUEH

Yuki NISHINO 西野友毬  Gigi Hsueh
@ 2012 COS Summer Skate

☞ in Japanese

Figure Skating Boutique Summer Skate is an important late-summer competition in Thornhill, Ontario, just north of Toronto. Often, skaters from Japan, Korea and other countries who are training for the summer in Toronto will compete in order to assess their progress. This year, Kento Nakamura and Yuki Nishino represented Japan, along with former Japanese competitor Eri Nishimura, who was the Canadian Junior Ladies Champion in 2011.

Gigi and I saw Yuki in the rink prior to her preparation for the Ladies' Short Program. Yuki recognized me from the two interviews I held with her in 2009 (Summer Skate and the All-Japan Championships in Osaka), smiled and came over to say hello.

Yuki finished 5th in the SP with a score of 44.31. Following her skate, we met for the interview. Gigi took some great photos during her program and in the interview.

JS: Thank you, Yuki, for doing your third interview with me! I interviewed you here in 2009 and in Osaka in December 2009, and now this interview. So tell me, how long have you been training here in Toronto?

YN: One month, at the Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club with Brian Orser and Astrid Jensen.

JS: Astrid Jensen… she works on spins?

YN: Yes.

JS: Are you skating new programs this seasons?

YN: Yes.

JS: Can you tell us the music for your programs?

YN: The short program is "Twilight Waltz" and the free program is "Butterfly Lovers".

JS: "Butterfly Lovers!" Do you remember Chen Lu skating to that?

YN: Yes!

JS: That was beautiful. So you worked with Astrid because there are lots of spins in "Butterfly Lovers"?

YN: Yes!

Yuki NISHINO 西野友毬  Gigi Hsueh
SP"Twilight Waltz" @ 2012 COS Summer Skate

JS: Who did the choreography?

YN: The short program is David Wilson, and the free program is Yutaka Higuchi and a little bit of David Wilson, working together.

JS: And who is your regular coach in Japan?

YN: Yutaka, and Koji Okajima.

JS: The music today was beautiful. How did you choose that?

YN: David Wilson chose it. The free skate music was chosen by me and Yutaka.

JS: How is training in Canada with Brian and Astrid different from training at Jingu in Japan? Is it relaxed… is it more fun?

YN: Jingu is too many people, yes… so here it is fun and free. At home, I always have to study as well… so this is more attractive.

JS: Are you happy with your performance this evening? How do you feel about your short program?

YN: Today? Oh… bad… not so good. Two doubles.

JS: You had planned a triple Lutz and a triple loop, and doubled them. Why do you think that happened?

YN: This week I haven't had a very good feeling. I don't know why. I haven't been feeling good on jumps.

Yuki NISHINO 西野友毬  Gigi Hsueh
SP"Twilight Waltz" @ 2012 COS Summer Skate

JS: What competitions do you have this season?

YN: Ondrej Nepala(Oct.3-7). That's all the internationals so far.

JS: And what are your goals this season?

YN: Ah… the triple/triple, skating and spinning… and more practice!

JS: Where do you want to finish at the All-Japan Championships this year?

YN: Hmmm… 6th… or higher!

JS: That's good. And what are your future goals in skating? Do you want to go to Sochi for the Olympics, or the Olympics in Korea after that?

YN: Sochi… yeah, that's right!

JS: Would you like to get into coaching one day?

YN: Coaching… No!

JS: Why not?

YN: I can't! (laughs). I don't know how to teach… For me, everything is "This is good!" and "That is good!" (laughs)

JS: You can't criticize?

YN: Right!

JS: You have been skating at a high level for several years. As a senior lady, what competition would you like to compete?

YN: I would say the Grand Prix series and Worlds. And getting a higher level in Japan… more and more practice.

Yuki NISHINO 西野友毬  Gigi Hsueh
SP"Twilight Waltz" @ 2012 COS Summer Skate

JS: Do you have a favourite program or piece of music that you've skated to?

YN: Hmmm… There are so many!

JS: When do you go back to Japan?

YN: September 9.

JS: Oh that's a nice long vacation for you, then!

YN: Yeah!

JS: Last time I saw you, you were maybe 15 or 16 years old. Have you finished high school?

YN: I'm in university now, going into first year.

JS: Where are you going?

YN: Meiji University. I don't know the word in English… I'm studying… politics and economics!

JS: And you're going to live at the university, or live at home?

YN: At home… it's in the same city. That's good! And less money!

JS: Let's see what I remember about you… You don't like sushi, right?

YN: Yeah! But now I think salmon and snail are OK… but others, NO!

JS: But you really liked ice cream!

YN: Ice cream, yeah!!!

Yuki NISHINO 西野友毬  Gigi Hsueh
@ 2012 COS Summer Skate

JS: I forget if I have asked you this. Do you have brothers or sisters?

YN: Yes… I have a younger sister.

JS: Do you have a message for your fans? You may say it in Japanese if you like.

☞ Listen to Yuki (in Japanese)
+++ translation +++
YN: Thank you for your support, I always appreciate that it helps me a lot. This season I'm going to work harder, to get improved more and more, so you all, please stay in touch with me!

JS: When do you skate tomorrow? Is it 8:00?

YN: Yes… so early!

JS: It's really nice talking to you!

YN: Thank you very much!

Yuki NISHINO 西野友毬  Gigi Hsueh
SP"Twilight Waltz" @ 2012 COS Summer Skate

Yuki went on to finish 3rd in the free skate with a score of 75.30, and 4th overall in the competition with a combined score of 119.61.
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We thank her for this fun interview and wish her the best for this season!

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