Getting to know Marika Steward
Mark interviewed Marika STEWARD @ 2015 Canadian Nationals

By Mark Stephens with photography by Gregg Vereb
January 24, 2015 in Kingston, Ont.
(c) 2015 Japan Skates

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Marika Steward is a Japanese-Canadian skater who lives and trains in Sendai, Japan.  Her Canadian father is the principal of an international school there.

Marika and her sister Taia both compete for Canada internationally.  Japan Skates had the pleasure of meeting Marika in the Mixed Zone at the 2015 Canadian Nationals. She'd had a strong free skate and finished 12th overall.

Marika STEWARD @ 2015 Canadians

JS: How do you feel about your program and your
competition today?

MS: I'm very happy with my program. Of course, I
would like to have landed the flip that I missed, but really I'm so very happy with my skate.

JS: What were your goals coming into this season?

MS: Most importantly, I wanted to make Nationals. Last year, actually, I was injured, so I wasn't able to put out my best skate. So I just wanted to come back, and to come back strong, and I think that I did that.

JS: You're a student at an international school in Sendai?

MS: Well, I live in Japan.  I live in Sendai where my dad is the head of the international school there. I go to his school, technically, but I'm also doing lots of correspondence courses through the University of Nebraska, just so that I can get more training time in the day.

JS: What are your goals for next season?

MS: To make Nationals again and to put up two better skates.

JS: Thank you so much for your time!

MS: Thank you!