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2011 "All-Japan" National Championships in Osaka
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 02, 2012 7:32 am    Post subject: Mixed Zone Interview ::: Satoko MIYAHARA in English Reply with quote

Satoko MIYAHARA 6th [Jr.Worlds team] 163.85

::: SP"Por Una Cabeza" ::: 15th (47.06 TES25.94 PCS23.12)
photo http://shimmerzoo.img.jugem.jp/20120123_2239831.jpg
I missed the first jump(3F fall, planned 3F-3T), also, fell on footworks, that I was disappointed. I was going to make the 2nd jump a combination, with 2T. (3Lz-2T) There were so many crowds, so tensed. I was looking forward to competing with senior ladies.
- Quote from her coach Mie HAMADA
Before: "If you make any mistake, think everything positive, then move on, don't look back."
After: "Got nerves?" "You made a combination jump, that's good for you."
- about the start of skating
When I played at the rink, I was feeling good, then I continue.
- after her first encounter of senior ladies
Overall, they are so fast, and they can control their feelings - that's inspiring.
- for FS
I think I would get tensed, but hope I could make no mistake unlike today.

::: FS"Mother Goose Suite" ::: 3rd (116.79 TES65.59 PCS51.20)
photo http://shimmerzoo.img.jugem.jp/20120123_2239830.jpg
Unlike yesterday, I skated with all my heart, made no mistake, as well. (She hit 5 types 7 triples, including opener 3Lz-3T<, 3Lz-2T-2T in the 2nd half. Also, Level4 spins and Level3 footworks she made.) I had forgotten about yesterday SP, I hoped to skate as I have trained. I earned more points than Jr.All-Japan, and landed 3Lz-3T as under-rotated, though, I'm quite happy. (You placed yourself in 6th place this All-Japan.:) so pleased with my placement, which is better than I expected.
- Quote from her coach Mie HAMADA
"Good Work, today!"
- Reviews on top 6 ladies
They have quality jumps, good speed, I learned from them.
- for Jr.Worlds
I hope I will have a good SP. (On Russian rivals:) They are complete skaters. I have to make sure spins, or other elements, in order to be undefeated. (Fun moment in international competitions:) You can skate along with foreign skaters, to meet such different kinds of skating.
- her next goals
I have tried to make my may with calmness to do best, when I get tensed. I would like to have good speed of spins and long strides in skating. (jump elements to prepare for programs:) I'm working on 3A sometimes.
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 03, 2012 8:00 am    Post subject: Mixed Zone Interview ::: Risa SHOJI in English Reply with quote

Risa SHOJI 7th [Jr.Worlds team] 156.47

::: SP"A Big Band Jazz Medley" ::: 11th (51.50 TES27.18 PCS24.32)
photo http://shimmerzoo.img.jugem.jp/20120122_2237614.jpg
The arena is big, my tension was getting bigger and bigger, however, I did not think about placement or result, unlike "make all jump elements, or no mistake", but I did think about performance, hoped to have fun, skate lively. Then I couldn't "make no mistake" {3S-3T +0.14, 3Lz(e)< turned out -2.10, CCoSp4 +0.50, eagle-2A +0.70, LSp3 +0.60, SlSt2 +0.70, FSSp2 +0.04}, but I guess I could move so impressively. Really tensed, but I could control myself, as crowds cheered me up, encouraged me, to have fun to skate.
- On her jumps
Those weren't satisfying, but I guess I could do my utmost, better than usual in competitions, that's good for me.
- About bad aspect of SP
On LSp(Level3, +0.60), into a Biellmann position, I was traveling due to a scratch on the ice, that was regrettable.
- How did you feel when you skated along with senior ladies?
It is honorable for me to compete with senior "big sisters". "Could I skate here, with them?" such hesitation I have, but I hoped to be undefeated by myself.
- for FS
Tomorrow, I would like to continue to do well, to have fun and skate lively.

::: FS"Legends of the Fall" ::: 7th (104.97 TES53.69 PCS51.28)
photo http://shimmerzoo.img.jugem.jp/20120123_2239800.jpg
Yesterday I couldn't "make no mistake", but I guess I could do so well, then I could keep well today, so I'm relieved for now. {3S-3T<-2T -0.14, 3Lz(e) -0.84, FSSp4 +0.50, 2A-3T +0.98, 3F +0.28, SlSt1 +0.40 // 3Lo< -0.42, 2A< -0.30 (planned 2A-2T), LSp4 +0.90, CCoSp3 +0.50} I could earn so highly points and also I'm satisfied with my performance. I wasn't defeated by nerves, so I got an accomplishment. (You smiled after landing of 3F, 3S.:) At JGPF I lost my intensity, had mistakes. But there, I could make the 1st half, "Well DONE," - after 3F, "That's it," - after 3S(the 6th jump elements), that made me smiling. I was so tensed, but crowds support energized me. Only I can say, I appreciate them. I'm so grateful.
- On her 1st half of the season
Last season, I didn't know about what would happen to me, just "give my all!" to compete. This season, I do know about the hardness of junior competitions and senior competitions with "big sisters", mostly it was so harder for me to control myself both physically and mentally, to be "defeated with myself". The last competition of 2011, this All-Japan I could control myself to make my way, so satisfied with that.
- You make Youth Olympic(Jan.) team, too.
I didn't expect that, it's so honorable for me to compete there, to do well for the team, and also I'm looking forward to coming to the very first competition, "How youth Olympics feels like?" (135.32 6th place)
- her next goals
To fix under-rotated jumps (She had 1 in SP / 3 in FS.), or rather, to fix mental issue, as I guess that is what I need the most, for I'm defeated by nerves in competitions. I couldn't make no mistake in SP, so I would like to have both good SP/FS, to make them flawless as much as possible. In order to do that, I guess I must be stronger at first.

+++ National Winter Sports Championships in Nagoya +++
(in late Jan. shortly after her Youth Olympics)
Jr.Ladies 1st 148.26
SP2nd 48.66 TES24.66 PCS24.00
FS1nd 99.60 TES48.32 PCS51.28
Lots of nerves I had in SP, but in FS our team Tokyo people supported me a lot, crowds energized me as well, that made me lively to skate. {3S-3T-2T +1.26, 3F< -0.56, FSSP4 +0.50, 2A< hand down -1.40 (planned 2A-3T), 3Lz(e) -0.70, SlSt2 +0.70 // 3Lo<-2T -0.28, 3S +0.56, 2A +0.40, LSp4 +0.80, CCoSp3 +0.50} I came here shortly after Youth Olympics, so I wasn't prepared so much, but I guess I gave all, what I could give at this moment. In FS I made a few mistakes, but I got relieved, as I hoped I won't cause troubles on our team.
After Youth Olympics, I have changed program contents, then I did test them here. As SP spins could be called better Levels, as well as I could make jumps more smoothly in FS, which was changed jump elements order. (3F as 2nd, 3Lz as 5th) In FS, I skated with all my heart, that was really satisfying.
- for Jr.Worlds
I have to learn from this competition and previous competitions, to refresh myself, to be confident to skate with all my heart. I will train harder to go there. I hope to make good performance both in SP and in FS, I haven't done that ever, so I must be confident there. Every single practice must be of such importance from now.
- Japan Skates: At Eastern Section, you noted that you had tried to correct jumping entries, how is it going now?
Not perfectly done, but mostly well done, then I have tried to correct taking-off utmost, so I'm going to execute well in the entry, before rotating.
- On her 2nd junior season
She talked a lot at Eastern Section http://www.japanskates.com/backstage/Eastern2011/Eastern2011_Event_en.htm

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2012 4:16 am    Post subject: Risa SHOJI injury update Reply with quote

((for English, scroll down.))



世界ジュニア女子 結果 http://www.isuresults.com/results/wjc2012/CAT006RS.HTM
SP採点表 http://www.isuresults.com/results/wjc2012/wjc2012_JuniorLadies_SP_Scores.pdf
FS採点表 http://www.isuresults.com/results/wjc2012/wjc2012_JuniorLadies_FS_Scores.pdf

Risa SHOJI injury update from her agent:

One week before Jr.Worlds(from Feb. 26), she had felt pain in the right instep, then it got so painful after SP, as she limped due to its terrible pain.
- Even the team was going to consider whether she withdraws or not, Risa herself was eager to compete, "I would like to give my all for people who support me," and also, "I should represent Japanese team, to perform for other skaters who couldn't make Jr.Worlds team," to discuss her coach and doctors. All things considered, they decided to skate in FS. -
Her FS program jump elements were changed, as she tried not to worsen her injury and to do her best as much as possible. She got MRI after she came back to Japan, the injury was diagnosed with "a stress fracture in the right metatarsal bone". Now she has restarted her trainings, caring for her right foot enough.

Jr.Worlds Ladies Result http://www.isuresults.com/results/wjc2012/CAT006RS.HTM
SP judges scores http://www.isuresults.com/results/wjc2012/wjc2012_JuniorLadies_SP_Scores.pdf
FS judges scores http://www.isuresults.com/results/wjc2012/wjc2012_JuniorLadies_FS_Scores.pdf

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2012 7:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Great information. Thank you, roving reporter!
Japan Skates - The world's number one resource for Japan's champion lady skaters!
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