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2012 4CC in Colorado Springs USA
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2012 10:24 am    Post subject: 2012 4CC in Colorado Springs USA Reply with quote

ÖColorado Springs feels like the opening of "Twin Peaks", its atmosphere tuned to the song "So Real" by Jeff Buckley. So, Don't Leave Me "High & Dry" in 4CC, I will ship 4CC Reports for ya!
Only Japanese Ladies Wed. Practice I could sit today(ÖI feel I'm still in Wed). Reports in English later on blogs here, Tweets in Japanese @japanskates, as English needs x1.5 charactersÖ so, please wait here, for its translations.
Aiko Shimazu 島津愛子

::: Wed. Ladies night Practice :::
Mao kicked off the session with her floating 3Lo which was doubled at All-Japan, she killed them 2,3 times with ease, then tried 2A-3Ts, its 2nd 3T seemed to be under-rotated, weak landing, such as turned out. And she was gonna hit the road, Axel jumps! (she plans one 3A in both SP/FS as of Tue.) started from 2A the first, - [height/distance;flow;the effortless;landing extension] GOE+2 could be credited, but 3A(2 times) were both turned out. She tested 3S-2Lo-2Lo, just one time with no sweat!
In FS run-through, 3A! Öturned out again, 3F-2Lo 3Lz DONE, 2A-3T(<?), such a dreamy 3F-2Lo-2Lo she made so lightly and softly. ---skip--- and SlSt, then unbreakable 3Lo! She trained SP elements for the rest of the session, Arabian spins, 2A as her Axel jump.

Haruka IMAI
Yuka(SATO) and Jason (with Nobuo "papa" SATO) beside Haruka! had fought against step-3Lo, 3T-3T. Every step-3Lo was defeated by Haruka, but 3T-3T got in/out of her control. (She plans 3F-2T for SP, 3T-3T for FS.)
In SP run-through, 3T-3T(2nd 3T was turned out), step-3Lo with ease! eagle-connecting 2A hands down. She wasn't in great shape there.
Yet, she began to fight against 3T-3T again! after some 3Lz practice, looked so tired Haruka, fell or popped on them, but at last she killed it, a perfect 3T-3T, it was the jump of her night session! Haruka seemed to get satisfied with her session to get off the ice.

The first of all, wanna say: "utmost" Kanako is back! with her sharpness, skating speed which has been MAX! at this moment. She was the lady of the night session. you'll be shocked to see incredibly growing her teres major muscleÖ
She started with 3Lo - her disadvantage, but she made lots dancing-3Lo(the 3rd jump element of FS) with no chip & crack. (She plans 3Lo one time for FS. her FS PPC {3Lz,3Lo,3F//3T-3T,3F~2A,2A,3S-2Lo-2Lo} replaced 3T-3T for 3Lo~2A, 2A for 3T.)
Then 3T-3T! She made them prolifically and perfectly! Every single 3T-3T had same [so fast entry;flow;height and distance of 1st 3T;height of 2nd]!! Also, she succeeded in nifty 3F-3T even though she attended it only one time. (She plans 3T-3T and 3F for SP.)
In SP run-through, "all-time hits" 3T-3T, 3F got shaky but stable landing - "no problem!" She gave quality 2A, spins and SlSt, then tried 3T-3T and step-3Lo again, Kanako did kill them again! How confident she was there!

andÖ I'm sorry I didn't kill Backstage @ All-Japan English pageÖ
in Japanese
Ladies http://www.japanskates.com/backstage/All-Japan2011/All-Japan2011_event_1.htm
Men(w/TAKAHASHI-TRAN) http://www.japanskates.com/backstage/All-Japan2011/All-Japan2011_event_2.htm
hope I will do its interviews translations of some of competitors this 4CC, here in Corolado Springs.
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2012 9:34 pm    Post subject: Thu. MEN SP Practice Reply with quote

::: Thu. MEN SP Practice :::
Nang(SONG) and Adam(Rippon) skipped jump elements in their run-thorughs, I didn't catch Nang's 4T-3T but Ripponned 3Lz hit me!

Patrick(CHAN), wasn't "something else" there, a little melted, different from 2010 GPF - my first Patrick. talked a lot with coaches, wasn't in good shape I guess.
In run-through, 4T fall, 3A hand down, tried spins with all his heart. SlSt, wasn't dominating, either.
Then he had tried 3F, 3A. added 3T following 3T. 3As were something wrong, which hadn't his rotation and his extension of landing. But don't worry! he gave his usual, big smile to his fans when they requested autographs and pictures.

Tatsuki(MACHIDA), he "defeat shaky jumping rotation with determined landing," as his coach teaches, except for popped and fallen jumps.
In run-through, he made a clean SP there, as well as his SlSt entertained crowds - particularly the elderly!, one grandpa gave him a hand flute at the ending.

Denis TEN got a man's man! with growing body and handsome attitude as well! but the man was struggling with 4T. Kevin(REYNOLDS) checked his entries of jumps. tested 4Lo, too.

Daisuke(TAKAHASHI) started his practice with Upright spin, which was spinning like propeller, as if the rink could be floated!
In run-through, 4T(<<?) both footed, reliable 3A, and SlSt - quick "express" steps in the first half, intricate "slalom" turns in the 2nd half, A Best Of Daisuke TAKAHASHI footworks! Then he made 4T-3T there.

Takahito MURA, die-hard fighting against 4T, they were turned out even though he rotated them.
In run-through, weak landing on 4T, too, and shaky 3A, that he could have killed softly and devastatingly as well. He wasn't in good shape, not same as NWSC.
Yet, he did skate so manly, in Colorado, too, with his upright posture. And he made 4T-3T at last. (He could have 4T-3T in SP and 4T-3T, 4T, two 3As in FS.)
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2012 10:23 pm    Post subject: Thu. Japanese Ladies press conference in Japanese Reply with quote

::: 木曜日 女子日本チーム会見 :::

全日本が終わってから、3Aを練習しているので、その成果を出したいです。こっちに入ってから、ジャンプの調子も上がっています。(3Aの予定について:) 先生と相談して、練習の調子を見て決めるのですが、今のところ一応、ショートもフリーも3Aを入れる予定です!
- 標高の影響
- 3F-3LoのSP挑戦について
この試合でも入れる予定ではいます!(嬉) 一応、そのつもりではいるのでÖ(笑)

- 標高の影響
- FSの構成を変えて
前の構成より、ノーミスの確率が上がっています。自信を持って、3Lo - 一個しか入ってないんですけど、それと3T-3Tを絶対決めたいです。
- 靴についての質問

- 標高の影響
(村上選手の答えの後) 私は、エッジ系が飛びやすいんですけどÖ 3T-3Tなんかは、高く上がりすぎちゃって。
- 右足首(甲)の現在の状態

((its translations later!))

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2012 3:13 am    Post subject: Thu. Japanese Ladies press conference and evening Practice Reply with quote

::: press conference :::
After All-Japan Nationals I have worked on my 3As, hope they will come out here. As well as I have fitted my jumps since I came here. (on her planning 3As:) in both SP/FS I will have a 3A.
- How has the altitude influenced you?
My jumps have gotten rotated so well, so it's no problem with that, but endurance of FS, "could I?" (laughs) wish I could do that after one more practice today.
- On her 3F-3Lo
hope I will have it here, Colorado, too! - my idea. (Mao looked really happy with that.)
::: Thu. Evening Practice :::
ÖShe trained 3F-2Lo there, made a clean 2A-3T early in the session, then tried Axel jump of SP, killed 2A to attend 3A, they were not rotated enough, such as both-footed fall. But 3A of FS, made different! 50/50 she landed 3A.
In SP run-through, 3A fall, 3F-2Lo 3Lo well-done. The music with shining Marimba feels like Mao, princess Scheherazade.

::: press conference :::
I hope I will make perfect both SP/FS, as I couldn't do that so far this season, to make my way for Worlds.
- How has the altitude influenced you?
3-3 fit me so much here, as toe jumps got so easier. Also I'm used to edge jumps for now.
- On her FS changing elements
That I have made more perfect than former one. I must be confident on 3Lo - just one time, and 3T-3T, to hit them.
(She had changed her boots, before All-Japan, and it reminded Kanako herself.)
::: Thu. Evening Practice :::
She made all her FS jump elements! including spot-on 3T-3T. you'll see Maximum Kanako in FS.

Haruka IMAI
I have planned 3T-3T in SP for the first time, will make it and FS, too, by the end and by counting spins as well.
- How has the altitude influenced you?
(answered after Kanako) For me it's easier to make edge jumps. I have problems with toe jumps such as 3T-3T, as it fly too much higher than usual.
- about her right ankle(arch) injury
I felt no good before this 4CC, but it's okay since I came here!
::: Thu. Evening Practice :::
She had tried 3T-3T with her coach Jason, from entry to exit, then she reduced its height to land it. But her injury seemed not okay for me in those sessions yesterday and today.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2012 2:50 pm    Post subject: Ladies SP Planned jump elements, Fri. Ladies SP Practice Reply with quote

::: Ladies SP planned jump elements 女子ジャンプ構成:::
*except for 2A 2A以外

19. Mao ASADA 浅田真央 {3A,3F-2Lo,3Lo}

3-3 girls:
20. Amelie LACOSTE {3Lz,3Lo-3Lo}
23. Kanako MURAKAMI 村上佳菜子 {3T-3T,3F}
24. Haruka IMAI 今井遥 {3T-3T,3Lo}
25. Kexin ZHANG {3T-3T,3Lz}
27. Caroline ZHANG {3Lo-3Lo,3F}
28. Agnes ZAWADZIKI {3T-3T,3Lz}
other favorites:
22. Ashley WAGNER {3F-2T,3Lo}
29. Cynthia PHANEUF {3Lz-2T,3Lo}

::: Fri. Ladies SP Practice :::
Everyone is sleepy, early in the morning. Mao(ASADA) wore her new costume, a turquoise dress. its top feels like former one. She trained 3Lo then Axel jump, but couldn't upgrade 2A to 3AÖ everyone wanna stay in bed. 3F-2Lo and 3Lo had fit her already, and lots works on spins by the leaving time.

Haruka(IMAI), was still struggling with jumps, both-footed or popped or stepping out 3Lo, 3T-3T seemed to be 3T-3T<. Öeveryone can't come to life in the morning.

YET Ashley(WAGNER) and Kanako(MURAKAMI), got awaken! completely, completed their run-through jump elements. Kanako gave the same 3T-3T for these 3days! in the same timing and motion.

Caroline(ZHANG) did 3Lo-3Lo, 2nd seemed to be 3Lo<. Her taking-back motion before 3F seemed to be minimized.
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2012 9:10 pm    Post subject: Mixed Zone Interview ::: Ladies SP Mao ASADA in Japanese Reply with quote

浅田真央選手 SP演技後インタビュー
エレメンツの採点を見ても、すべてレベル4だったので、アクセル(3A< both-footed)以外は今日の出来はよかったと思っています。6分間ですごくいいのが飛べていたので、不安はなかったのですが、もっともっと、シーズンの早い段階で3Aを試合で入れておけば、飛べていたかな、と思うんですけど。6分間練習の3Aが飛べたら、すごく満足すると思うので、今日の経験を明日に活かしたいです。
- 3Aについて
こちらに来てから回るようになっていたので、「ようやく入れられるなぁ」というかんじがしていました。朝の練習では、こちらに来てから一番アクセルが入らなかったので、「このアクセルは忘れよう!」と思っていました。(笑) (標高の効果:) もちろん、アクセル自体の調子も、全日本よりも全然上がっていて、それとこの標高によって、相乗効果で飛べるんじゃないかな、と思います。
- 佐藤信夫コーチからの言葉
- 標高の影響
全然大丈夫でした!自分でもびっくりしています。(笑) 明日も大丈夫かな、と思っています。
- スカートに変更した衣装について

((English quotes later!))

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2012 9:53 pm    Post subject: Mixed Zone Interview - Ladies SP Kanako MURAKAMI in Japanese Reply with quote

村上佳菜子選手 SP演技後インタビュー
- 体調不良について
おなかの調子がよくなくて、動くと気持ち悪かったので、昨日の夜から今まで、食事を控えて。Ö食べ過ぎちゃったのかな?(笑) (明日に向けて:) ほどほどに食べます。いつもガツガツだから!(笑)
- ステップがレベル4でしたね。
- 標高の影響
ちょっと疲れるんですけど、でも名古屋で練習している時も、いっぱい曲をかけてやるのでÖ ショートでは、あまり影響は感じなかったです。
- ジャンプ構成を変えて
気持ち的にラクになったので、思い切り出来るようになりました。(3F-3Tを今後構成に入れる可能性:) 世界選手権にはこのままで行くと思いますが、また練習して、挑戦して行けるようにしたいな、と思います。
- シーズン前半の不調について
- フリーに向けて
全日本はショートがよくてもフリーは転んだりしたので。(笑) 切り替えて、今日は今日、明日は明日で集中してやりたいです。「3Loと、3T-3Tを絶対決めたい」というのを、いつも、練習の時から思っているので、それを絶対飛びます!

Japan Skates: 3T-3Tが、いつ見ても同じなんですけど、いつ頃からこのクオリティーで飛べるようになったのでしょうか?
KM: ショートを3T-3Tに変えた時からです。3F-3Tの時より、すごく簡単に感じちゃって。それから大分、タイミングをつかめるようになりました。
JS: もう、タイミングからモーションから、いつ見ても同じです!
KM: ありがとうございます!


((English quotes later!))

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2012 10:47 pm    Post subject: Mixed Zone Interview ::: Ladies SP Haruka IMAI in Japanese Reply with quote

今井遥選手 SP演技後インタビュー
緊張していた、というのではないんですけど、うまく集中し切れていなくて、最初のトゥループは、「高く上がり過ぎてしまって」、次につながらずÖ 最初にコンビネーションがつかなかったから、一瞬、「次のジャンプで3Lo-3Tをやろう!」と思ったんですけど、ずっとやってなかったですし、「イキナリはまずいかなÖやっぱりダブルにしようかな。」と思っていたら、最初のループで失敗(3Lo<<)してしまって!(苦笑) アクセルの前も、二つ失敗したから、足が震えちゃったんですけど、なんとか飛べたので。ジャンプで失敗した分、スピンで取り返そう、と思っていました。(集中し切れなかった要因:) グループの最後だったので、「ちょっと時間があるな」と思って。フリーならよくあるのですが、ショートで遅い滑走順、というのは、最近では経験していなくて、6分間練習を終えてフリーの感覚で時間を過ごしてしまって、アップする時間が少なくなってしまって、体があったまらないままリンクに行ってしまって、それで、寒くて体が動かなかったと思います。
- 怪我の状態について
まだ痛みはあるんですけど、今日は(痛みを感じる)トゥジャンプが入っていないので、そこまではひどい痛みではなかったです。夏に一ヶ月ちょっと休んだんですけど、治り切っていなくて、もうちょっと休まなくてはいけなかったところ、無理に練習していて、また全日本の前にもたくさん練習して、全日本後に痛みがぶり返して来てÖ 不安はありましたが、練習では飛べていたので、「怪我で出来なかった」とか、そういうわけではないです!(Japan Skates: 今ずっとテーピングですか?:) ハイÖ
- コーチからの言葉
- フリーに向けて
いつもだったら、すごく落ち込んでると思うんですけど、今回は、逆に開き直っている、というか、「明日がんばる!」と思っています。もう、これ以上失敗することはないと思うので!(笑) あとは思い切り、自信持ってがんばりたいです。

((English quotes later!))

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 11, 2012 12:02 pm    Post subject: Men Fri. Practice / FS / Mixed Zone Interviews SP&FS Eng Reply with quote

::: Men Fri. Practice and FS :::
(brief recaptures)

First of all, I would like to say:
Misha GEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
What a soloist ice dancer! Soul of Dance! I have never seen such dancing on the ice, before. Take a look at his GOEs on footworks! As well as Adam(RIPPON), struck a chord with World Arena, with his Ripponed 3Lz! that everyone waited for.
They made crowds expect emotions of the last Group.

Tatsuki(MACHIDA), had been struggled with his 4T in FS practice. Even though he did make other jump elements there, he hadn't them this FS.

Daisuke(TAKAHASHI), who had made some 4Ts in FS practice, missed 4T, 3A(1A) as well. When he set the rest of his elements, to finish his dancing to blues, crowds found themselves had been in a moment of the show.

Then Patrick(CHAN), he was something else there, in Colorado, too, as his stride was approx. 2 times longer than other skaters. His 4T and 3A didn't fit him in these 2 days, and he seemed to be unlike Patrick CHAN, who fell on transitions even 2 times in FS Practice (- I thought I could not seen such a phenomenon anymore!), but finally he did it!

Takahito MURA, he "was concerned by nerves." Although his 4T stability was better than other skaters in FS practice, he couldn't give what he is, his manly performance and jumps.

SP http://www.isuresults.com/results/fc2012/fc2012_Men_SP_Scores.pdf
FS http://www.isuresults.com/results/fc2012/fc2012_Men_FS_Scores.pdf

::: Japanese Men Quotes :::
Daisuke TAKAHASHI http://japanskates.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=443#443
Takahito MURA / Tatsuki MACHIDA http://japanskates.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=444#444

::: MEN SP Quotes :::

Patrick Chan (CAN), 1st after the Short Program
It was a little shaky, it wasnít perfect. On the warm-up I felt a little off balance. My blades werenít really grounded to the ice. So I was happy with the program and how it turned out. I was able to regain my focus after the quad, a rough landing. (on his goals for the competition) My goal is just to get to the long program. With the altitude here, even though I train here, itís still tough for me. My goal is to make sure I focus on the jumps and the elements of the jumps, landing well. Whatís key is to stay breathing and relax in the moment.
+++ from press conference +++
The 6-minute warm-up was kind of shaky. I actually feel more foreign here than I thought I would. I couldnít find my feet. The ice conditions were a little different than usual. I was a bit more nervous than usual. I was very happy how I was able to gather myself. All things considered, this year has been a real test and this keeps testing me. I keep evolving as an athlete.

Jeremy Ten (CAN), 2012 National bronze medalist
I had a pretty rough six-minute warm-up. So to go up there and get the job done as well as I could was the goal. I know Iím capable of a lot better than that. You know, itís just coming back from injuries and sucking it up kind of thing. (on challenges faced since this is first international competition in 15 months) Itís a different feel coming back. This is my first international in a year and three or four months. So it was definitely getting used to. There is also the altitude and everything. So there are a lot of challenges, but part of being an athlete is coping and fighting through that.

Christopher Caluza (PHI), 2012 Bavarian Open bronze medalist
I felt I did what I could, especially in a new environment. All I wanted to do is my best and I think I tid my best right now. (on competing in his first ISU Championships) It feels very good. I've never done this before in my life and being able to do this is kind of a good opportunity for me. (On being excited during the footwork) That explains the turn-out. I choreographed the footwork to express my emotions more.

Misha Ge (UZB), 2011 Istanbul Cup silver medalist
I did pretty well. The triple Axel is not so consistent right now, but I am glad that I went for it and that I remained on my feet. So overall I am pretty satisfied as I showed 95 percent of what I can do. I still have to work a lot and to improve the triple Axel. Tomorrow in the free skating I want to skate even better than I did today. (On the audience) The reaction of the audience was very nice. I didn't expect that they would receive my program so well.

Adam Rippon (USA), 2010 Four Continents Champion
Itís difficult to come here because itís just one week after nationals, so my focus coming in here was to maintain my focus on my training. I feel comfortable in all my elements and with what I did. (on the fall) The Lutz is such a silly mistake that I never make. Iíd rather make it here at the Four Continents than at the World Championships. (on the attention being on other skaters) Iím coming in as the national silver medalist and I really wanted to prove that my skating is strong to the rest of the world. The fall on the Lutz, which I never make, I still think I showed strong skating. (on free skate) Iím going in focused on what I need to do. I know that this is just a good practice for Worlds and Iím going to take each element at a time and Iím excited to show my best at the World Championships.

Ross Miner (USA), 2012 National bronze medalist
Iím really happy with it. Itís my new seasonís best so itís a good start to the competition and Iím excited for tomorrow. (on challenges due to a quick turnaround from U.S. Championships) I think it was obviously challenging to go from competition to competition back-to-back and so quickly. But I didnít really stop so it doesnít feel as bad. Itís when you stop and get going again that itís a little harder. Iím excited that we got a good short out of the way. Now itís time to look forward to the long tomorrow.

Nan Song (CHN), 2011 TEB silver & Cup of China bronze medalist
I am not satisfied with todayís performance. I made a lot of mistakes, especially in the difficult jumps. It was not a good preparation for this competition because of the altitude and the time difference. Now I am relaxed and ready for tomorrow.

Richard Dornbush (USA), 2010 Junior Grand Prix Final Champion
It didnít go like I wanted it to but I only had a week since nationals so I guess 10 points in a week isnít bad. (on the altitude) It was pretty tough. I felt a little tired going into the flip, but at the end of the program I felt a little better. I had taken a couple of days off after nationals and I had just gotten back to it and then I got the call. I got into the altitude training at the last moment (on the free skate) I have a lot to look forward to triple Axel and triple flip especially so I look forward to getting those done.

::: MEN FS Quotes :::

Patrick Chan (CAN), 2012 Four Continents Champion
Today I actually felt pretty nervous going into the long, more nervous than Iíve been in a long time. I was very happy. I stayed focused after a rough practice this morning. I took the time to rest and I did the elements really well. I learned a lot this week. (on skating for a smaller crowd than heís used to) It was a shock in the short program. Daisuke and I just came from nationals where it was a full house every night. Itís odd to be at an event to not have audience to pump you up this late at night. For the long program, it was familiar territory. But weíre such good athletes that we get on the ice and do not pay so much attention to the audience. It was weird but it was good and different. (on feeling altitude) I can say that training here is different than actually competing here. I didnít have an advantage of training here. I hit the wall at a point going into the last spin before the last triple Lutz. I was quite dead. I had to stay on my feet and not get too big because thatís when you lose your balance. For Daisuke and I, going to Worlds, it gives us confidence that it will be easier. I told myself going into my last spin that this is going to be the hardest of them all. It was interesting because last year I didnít do Four Continents because it was in Taipei so I sat out. I like to see every competition as a training day. Every day I come in and put 100 percent in to it. I kind of have the mentality of taking every competition with the mentality of putting 100 percent into it. Every day I come into each event I feel intimidated by the others. I feel just as on my toes. It’s a mentality I take. I take it seriously. Itís all about developing. Developing as an athlete, developing the sport. Every skater has something to bring to the table. Daisuke, and now Ross.

Ross Miner (USA), 2012 Four Continents bronze medalist
The goal for me coming in was for a new seasonís best. That was just the cherry on the top, the icing on the cake. It wasnít actually my best performance, but my run-through and my coach running around and trying to murder me obviously paid off.
+++ from press conference +++
Today was pretty unexpected result-wise. I had a long wait. When I got on the ice, I felt cold. The whole performance felt a little off then the results came up and whoa! Thatís cool. I didnít expect that. (on the crowd) Itís weird to not have as many people in the stands. But the fans that were there vocal and supportive. It really does help us get through our programs and enjoy our time out there. (on the altitude) For the U.S. skaters, it was especially hard because we just came off nationals. We competed two Sundays ago. The altitude definitely affects the end of the program. You get to a point where itís Ďjust do it, you can rest when itís over.í I was glad I did heavy training between the nationals and Four Continents because it made me mentally strong to get the end of the program.

Denis Ten (KAZ), 2011 Istanbul Cup Champion
It was difficult to skate today. After all I was affected by my injury. I had pulled my groin and I lost a lot of training time and I trained through the pain. I wasn't completely ready. I also felt tired, this was my eighth competition this season. I like competing and I think I have improved this season, now I want to prepare for my next competition and avoid the stupid mistakes I did here. I might go to Junior Worlds. It would be my last opportunity and I left the junior ranks early and I miss the more relaxed atmosphere there.

Adam Rippon (USA), 2010 Four Continents Champion
I told myself that I was well-trained and I worked really hard for nationals and I just really wanted to keep that momentum going. This wasnít as strong, but I donít really think I showed much weakness or letdown from nationals. (on the jump combinations) I had a lot of struggle with it in the Grand Prix. I tried to change my technique a bit in working with Yuka and Jason. At the Grand Prixs, there was always one triple-triple that was getting under rotations, so Iíve addressed that with them and worked a lot on the technique. When it comes to crunch time, itís really paid off. (on choreography) The choreography gets a little stronger at the end. Itís something that Iím working on with Pasquale (Camerlengo) when I get home to have the same feeling at the beginning. Just again, I really turned my mind off and did what I needed to do.

Kevin Reynolds (CAN), 2010 Four Continents bronze medalist
I was glad I got the quad out because it was called as under rotated yesterday. I lost my focus on the toe. I was overthinking it because I missed it in the warm up. The Axel was a bit shaky but I got it done. The program became difficult when I tweaked my ankle again. It was the one I sprained in practice on the triple flip. From there it was really hard to get the program back. It was disappointing and frustrating, not what I wanted coming into this week. Refocus, take some rest and get ready for the World Championships.

Misha Ge (UZB), 2011 Istanbul Cup silver medalist
I am overwhelmed by emotion right now. I have worked for so many years and this is only my second year of international competition. Today I fulfilled my dream that the audience enjoyed my performance. Maybe it wasn't perfect technically but I pushed through to the very end. I did not expect to earn a standing ovation. This is a great joy for me. (On his learning experience) I am just a beginner. I have watched the other higher ranked competitors. They have a lot of experience and I can learn a lot from them, for example how they act at competitions. Now I want to continue to work hard in order to improve for the World Championships.

Jeremy Ten (CAN), 2012 National bronze medalist
I think it was hard with the long wait. I think after the Axel I just stiffened up and kind of panicked. And then it was mistake after mistake -- mistakes that I donít usually make, that Iíve never made. I think there was a lot going on in my head and I should have just gotten back in to focus. After analyzing this and getting rid of the negatives, from the overall process Iím going to be proud of myself for coming back after a huge break in skating and getting myself to this point. This was a bonus for me. Although I would have loved to have skated better tonight, Iím just proud that Iíve brought myself back to the international stage.

Min-Seok Kim (KOR), 2011 National Champion
I skated much better today than I did in practice. I was able to focus on my performance and I wanted to improve from yesterday's short program. (On missing the last two jumps) At the end of the program I felt the high altitude and was a little dizzy. (On his next competition) My next competition is Worlds and I my goal is to skate a better short program.

Richard Dornbush (USA), 2010 Junior Grand Prix Final Champion
(on coming to Four Continents with limited preparation time) It was extremely difficult to prepare not only physically but mentally. It was a short time to regroup after U.S. Championships, I guess it wasnít quite enough. (on plans going into offseason) Iím going to take a couple weeks and come back stronger than ever. I want to focus on getting my physical abilities and athleticism higher so that I can train my programs the way I like to.

Christopher Caluza (PHI), 2012 Bavarian Open bronze medalist
It was one of the best free skates I have done. I have never gotten the crowd going like that before. Iíve never seen a crowd so energetic and cheering for me the way they were. I never thought I could do this at my first Four Continents Championships. I was in Oberstdorf last week so itís been a tiring two weeks. Iím glad I got over it and was able to do my best. (on his goals) I wanted to earn respect for myself and my country. I would like to thank everyone especially U.S. Figure Skating, my coaches, my parents and the Philippine Skating Association.

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 11, 2012 12:34 pm    Post subject: Ladies SP Mixed Zone Interviews in English Reply with quote

::: Ladies SP Mixed Zone Interviews :::

Mao ASADA http://japanskates.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=445#445
Kanako MURAKAMI http://japanskates.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=446#446
Haruka IMAI http://japanskates.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=447#447

Ashley Wagner (USA), 2012 National Champion
I was pleased with my performance. Our main goal coming in to this competition was to get the triple flip-triple toe out there because I think it is something that will be crucial in my short program at Worlds, so to get full credit for that, I am extremely happy with that performance. (on how she feels coming from U.S. Championships to here) Iím very well trained and well trained in a different way than past years. Mentally I think I am very fit and very strong, and I credit (coach) Mr. Nicks with helping me get to that point. (on tomorrowís free skate) Tomorrow, because Iím at altitude, I am just focusing on going out and putting on the best performance that I can. I do want to redeem that triple Salchow from nationals, so youíre probably going to see the triple Sal.
+++ from press conference +++
(on her triple-triple) Today went very well for me. I tried the triple-triple and got full credit for it, so that was a huge accomplishment for me. The quality of it wasnít as good as I had hoped it would be, but still overall, I think it was a good solid performance and something that was great for me to put out after nationals and I think that it was very important that I had the performance that I did today. (on entering Four Continents after winning the U.S. title) I think that every competition you got into you have to focus on that competition and forget about the past. But in training in the week before I left, I was a little bit more confident. Once I got here though, nationals has passed. I won that and thatís great, but that has nothing to do with this competition anymore. I was just more focused on Worlds and putting out a program that I would feel more comfortable with once I got to Worlds. (on improving going into Worlds) I agree with Mao. I think that I definitely improved up on my nationals performance and I think that Four Continents is an important stepping stone to Worlds. And I think that it is very critical that I do well here for my confidence level going into Worlds and everyoneís impression of me going into Worlds. So, I think what I did today is very good for this time of the season.

Amelie Lacoste (CAN), 2012 National Champion
Obviously it wasnít good. In practices I was doing very good short program and usually I was clean, so I expected to do my triple Lutz and land it. I popped it so itís very frustrating. Although the short program is over, I need to focus on the long program and just stay positive and look forward. I tried to go strong until the end and get all my levels and I know itís not only the jumps that count but the performance and the levels so it wasnít my best, but it happened.

Alexandra Najarro (CAN), 2012 National bronze medalist
(on what she learned from the short program) I need to have more confidence in myself because thatís usually not what I do in practice at all. It happens so Iím going to move on. (on preparing for the free skate) Iím going to go out there and be more comfortable in my skates.

Kexin Zhang (CHN), 2011 Asian Winter Games 4th
It is too bad for the fall on the Lutz. The rest of the performance was quite good. (On her score) It is a seasons best but if I had done the Lutz, my score would have been even higher. I hope to skate better next time.

Caroline Zhang (USA), 2010 Four Continents bronze medalist
Iím a little disappointed in myself since thatís the first loop-loop Iíve missed in a program this week. Iíve been doing clean shorts, so thatís disappointing, but thatís OK, because Iím happy to be here. (on being named to the Four Continents team) It was a bit surprising because I definitely wasnít expecting any assignments, so it was a little hard to get back into it, but once I did it was easy to just keep training like I was for nationals.

Agnes Zawadzki (USA), 2012 National bronze medalist
(on regaining composure after early fall) The fall threw me off but I feel like I regained my mental focus right back. I did a lot of good things after I fell and that is always important. The stuff after you fall is what matters. I really showed that and that Iím mentally strong. (on competing at home rink) It doesnít really come into mind when I skate. I feel like itís almost like practice. I do try to channel the crowdís energy but donít think about it much otherwise. (on free skate) I donít have that much pressure on me since Iím not in medal contention. Iím going to skate free, not worry about anything and let everything fall into place. Iím going to leave it all on the ice.

Cynthia Phaneuf (CAN), 2012 National silver medalist
It was a big deal for me to get out and do this program even if my goal was not to make it a big deal. I was warming up so much out there and I just went out there and I was exhausted. When I took my starting position for the program, I was like, I don't have any more legs. My legs started being there after the Lutz. It was too late. I'm happy with the points I got with those two falls. That means if I do the jumps, I can be up there. The long is a strong program for me, and I'm looking forward to it. I learned from today and I won't make the same mistakes tomorrow. (On competing for the World spot) At the end of the program I thought I'm not going to Worlds but then I saw the result that even with my two falls I'm not even a point behind her (Amelie Lacoste). It's not over yet.

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 11, 2012 5:03 pm    Post subject: Ladies FS planned jump elements / Sat. Practice in English Reply with quote

::: Ladies FS planned jump elements 女子FSジャンプ予定構成 :::
23. Mao ASADA 浅田真央 {3A, 3F-2Lo, 3Lz // 2A-3T, 3F-2Lo-2Lo, 3S, 3Lo}
22. Kanako MURAKAMI 村上佳菜子 {3Lz, 3Lo, 3F // 3T-3T, 3F~2A, 2A, 3S-2Lo-2Lo} as I posted before.
13. Haruka IMAI 今井遥 {3T-3T, 3Lz, 3F, 3Lo // 3S-2T-2Lo, 3S-2T, 2A}

20. Ashley WAGNER {3F-2T, 2A-3T, 3Lz // 3Lo, 3S, 3Lo-2T-2Lo, 3F}
19. Caroline ZHANG {3F-2T, 3Lz, 2A // 3Lo, 3F, 3Lo-2T-2Lo, 2A}
21. Agnes ZAWADZKI {2A-3T, 3F, 3Lz-2T // 3Lz, 2A, 3T-2T-2Lo, 3S}

one more 3-3 girl:
24. Kexin ZHANG {3T-3T, 3Lz-2T, 3Lz // 3F, 3Lo, 3S-2T-2Lo, 2A}

::: Sat. Ladies FS Practice :::
Mao(ASADA) was getting on with 3F, 3F-2Lo-2Lo combo and! 3F-3Lo! she landed every attempt. 3S, she attended one time and popped. Then 2A-3T, quite easy for her! and tested 3Lz talking with her coach Nobuo SATO, jumps were sure, so they seemed to check its taking-off edge. & 3A, she upgraded 2A to 3A so soon today.
Her run-through started: 3A fall, she chose 3F-2Lo, and made some jump elements, except for the last one, 3Lo popped, which she doubled at All-Japan.
She had trained 3A, and spins by the leaving time.
OH! I almost forgot NOTE:
You'll meet a lady in love in new sleeveless dress! colored lavender, lighter shade than former dress with long sleeve.

Kanako(MURAKAMI), was working hard on 3Lo, "definitely I will make 3Lo and 3T-3T," she noted after SP. And you know, 3T-3T was the same one as always.
In run-through, she missed 3F~2A and 3S-2Lo-2Lo, and she had trained them, to kill the clean one by the leaving time. She printed one 3T-3T on the ice, to get off the ice.

& Ashley(WAGNER) seemed to be in form today, too! don't miss her suite "Black Swan".
Our illustrator lady Paja's tribute:

(Sorry I missed Haruka'sÖ)
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 12, 2012 6:53 pm    Post subject: Mixed Zone Interview ::: Japanese MEN SP/FS in Japanese Reply with quote

Here are Japanese Men SP/FS Quotes in Japanese,
You get these English here

Then I got "sit-down" interview with Tastuki MACHIDA & Takahito MURA!
I bet you all like it! They gave sincerity to Japan Skates.

::: 高橋大輔選手 2位 :::
+++ SP演技後 +++
若干の緊張感があって、四回転のミスがすごく悔やまれるな、と。一本目のスピンなんか、結構危なかったところ冷静に出来ましたし、2個目のスピンはレベル2になっちゃったんですけど、3Lzに3Tを付けてコンビネーションにしたり、落ち着いて出来たかな、と思います。ただÖ 4Tの失敗が大きかったです。
- 4Tの失敗について
緊張感で、体のほう(モーション)とタイミングが合わず、というところかな、と。自分の中では悪い失敗ではないと思うので。降りられるかな、と思ったんですけど、だめだったみたいです。(笑) 結構、最後まで踏ん張ったんですけどね。今までだったら、ど緊張したら変なジャンプになることが多かったので、それが減って来ているかな、と。今回は失敗してしまったんですけど、先が見えているのかな、と思います。(4T選択のタイミング:) こっちに入って来てから、調子も悪くなかったですし、朝の練習でも悪くなかったですし、こっちに入る前から、飛ぶつもりで練習はして来たので。こちらに入ってから感じもよかったので、「これはやろう!」と決めました。
- パトリック・チャン選手と5点差ですが?と聞かれて
- 標高の影響
それが影響して(4Tを)失敗した訳ではありません。もう3日目になるので、大分感覚はつかめています。(演技への影響:) とりあえず、ショート終わった、っていう。どれだけ疲れるのかな、ということも分からなかったので。一安心、という感じで。Öここ(演技後5分程度)で呼吸が乱れている、っていうことは、多分疲れてるんだと思いますけど!(笑) 滑っている時は、いつも通り、というか、特に疲れてはいなかったんですけれど。今、若干、標高が高いのかな、と分かりました!(笑)
- フリーに向けて
後半、疲れてきてミスが出ないように、と。特にフリーは、得意でないほうなので。(笑) フリーで四回転を一度も決めていないので、決めたいな、と思います。こちらは標高も高くてすごく浮くので。それ以外は、練習して来たことを、出していきたいな、と。

+++ SP会見 +++
(英語で) I missed the quad, but Iím still here so Iím happy. The first time (for me) to try altitude(標高), but after the short program, I still feel OK. (laughs)
- 4Tは、パトリック・チャン選手が4Tで失敗したのを見た後に入れようと思われたのでしょうか?と聞かれて


+++ FS会見 +++
(英語で) My performance was not good, I missed two jumps. But the audience helped me and I enjoyed tonight a lot.
- 会場の客入りについて
- 世界選手権に向けての収穫
- 標高についてメダリスト3人に質問

::: 無良崇人選手 :::
+++ SP演技後 +++
今シーズン、4T-3Tを入れて、完全に決めるということがなかったので。緊張しましたし、最後まで「意識」を持ってジャンプして、プログラムに臨めた、というのがすごくÖ 本当にうれしかったです。今シーズンは、最初の四回転で転んでしまう、ということが多かったので、そこできちんと成功させた後に3A,3Lzを失敗しないでやり切れた、というのがうれしいです。
- 4T-3Tの成功について
- フリーに向けて

+++ SP後会見 +++
まず、一番驚いているのは、「なんで僕が高橋選手より上にいるのかな?」ということがすごく、(笑) 僕の中でびっくりして。内容的には、今シーズンやって来た中で一番良かったと思うので、これが明日につなげられればいいな、と思います。
- Takahito、僕らはあまりあなたのことに詳しくないので、お教え下さい。まず、全日本では何位だったのでしょう?全日本からの調整についてもお話下さい。それから、世界選手権の選考を外れたことに関してもお願いします。


+++ FS演技後 +++
- パトリック・チャン選手について
- 来季の予定
日程的には決まっていませんが、来季のプログラムも、トム(ディクソン)先生に頼んで、もっと上位に行けるものを作っていこうと思います。(ディクソン先生との練習について:) 教われば教わる分だけ、プログラムも良くなっているな、ということが自分でも分かります。
- 来季の抱負
演技構成点の方で圧倒的に負けていることが多いので、技術的な面でがんばっていかないと、まだ評価して頂けない段階だと思っています。今の(PCSの)段階で、上の選手に勝とうと思うと、どうしても四回転を三回(SP1/FS2)入れるということが必要になって来ると思うので、四回転を、さらに確率の高いものにして行きたいです。(他の種類の四回転の可能性:) オフにサルコウとルッツを練習していましたが、サルコウは昔から得意ではない、という部分もあって、難しいかな、と。どちらかと言うとルッツのほうが、もう少しコツを掴むと、感覚的にはサルコウよりいいんじゃないかな、と思います。


::: 町田樹選手 :::
+++ SP演技後 +++
来る前も来てからも、すごくいいかんじで練習が出来ていたので、もうあとはやるしかないな、と。今シーズン、この試合が最後になるかもしれないし、「守ろう」というのではなくÖ 「腹をくくった」というのではないですけれど、緊張もせずÖ 「いつもと違う自分でした!」(笑) お客さんの盛り上がりもよかったし、すごく、応援が力になりました。


+++ 一夜明けて +++


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PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2012 1:24 am    Post subject: Mixed Zone Interview ::: Japanese Ladies FS in Japanese Reply with quote

浅田真央・村上佳菜子・今井遥選手 FS後 インタビュー
(for English, scroll down)

::: 浅田真央選手 :::
一番心配だったのは、3Aと、この標高での演技だったので、すべて終わった時はほっとしました。ジャンプの取りこぼしが点数に響いてしまったかな、と思います。ショートが、今季初めて3Aが入った構成だったので、その最初の挑戦を今日に活かせたかな、と思っています。回転不足は残念ですけど、「挑戦して飛べた!」っていうのが、自分ではすごくプラスだと思っているので、よいイメージを作っていけたらいいな、と思います。同じ回転不足でも、フリーでは、ほぼ成功したと思っているので。ショートの6分間練習の3Aが一番良かったのですが、それは、自分の気持ちの中では100点満点でした!(コロラドスプリングスの地を離れて)「地上」に戻った時に、飛べるのか、っていうのは不安なんですけど。(笑) でも、一週間練習して、「回った感覚」を掴んだので、すごく自信になりました。
- ルッツがロングエッジの判定ではなかったですね。
- 3F-3Loについて
今回はÖ 体力的に厳しいかな、と思って、本番でとっさに3-2にしました。世界選手権では、よければ入れたいかな、と。
- 標高の影響
- 佐藤信夫コーチからの言葉
- 「ワグナー選手という新しいライバルが出て来ましたが?」という質問に
- ワールドに向けて
- Japan Skates: 3F-3Loを、ショートの入りから練習されているのを見て、浅田選手も木曜日の会見で「入れるつもりではいます。」とうれしそうにされていたので、ショートに入れる、とお伝えしたのですがÖ これは、「両方に入れる」ということなのでしょうか?
(笑) まぁ、練習して行って、「入れられるようになれば」ということで。ショートの入りからでも、フリーの入りからでも、同じことですが、ショートは難しいでしょうね。(にっこりされる先生。)(ジャンプエレメンツが)3つしかない。

::: 村上佳菜子選手 :::
- ジャンプの失敗について
- 山田満知子コーチからの言葉
終わってから「ハァーハァー」しちゃって、それを怒られました。「皆頑張って、キスクラまで普通にして帰って来てるのに!」「むかつく。」と言われました。(笑) その時はほんとにキツかったんでやっちゃったんですけど、自分でも、「だめだったなぁÖ」と思いました。ニースでは「フリーノーミス、絶対にがんばれ!」と。
- 世界選手権に向けて
- フリーの手直しについて
【山田満知子コーチ SP後】
- 今日の体調について
- 世界選手権に向けて

::: 今井遥選手 :::
- Japan Skates: 練習で苦労されていた3T-3Tが回って降りて、やった!と思ったのですが、3F、3Lzで痛みが出た、というかんじでしょうか?
- JS: でも、エッジジャンプでは踏ん張っていましたね。
エッジジャンプも、もっといつもは踏み切れるんですけど、踏み切れないで"(タイミングを)ためて"しまったり、得意なジャンプで失敗してしまったりとか、とにかくÖ 「痛かったから飛べなかった」というのではなく、『気持ちの面』がだめだったな、と思います。
- 標高の影響
- 佐藤有香コーチからの言葉
ジャンプも、パンクではなくて、ちゃんと上がってたから、「ジャンプ全体がすごく悪かったというわけではない」と言われました。(スケーティングのアドバイス:) 「エッジを倒すというよりも、足首を曲げると自然に滑れるから」と言われています。
- 今季を振り返って
- 今後の予定
四大陸の前から先生とも話し合っていたんですけど、しばらく休んで怪我を直さないといけない、と。来季は、自分の中でも大きな1年になると思うので、怪我を直してから、ジャンプスピンステップも、スケーティングも、もっともっとレベルアップして、3Lz/3Fからの3-3も試合で飛んでいきたいですし、ルッツ(ロングエッジの判定)も、アウトエッジに修正しているので。(進路について:) 大東文化大学の国際科に進学して、アメリカを拠点に練習を続けます。

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2012 2:26 am    Post subject: Ladies FS Mixed Zone Interviews in English Reply with quote

I couldn't make Ladies FS recapture and... I made interviews in Japanese a lot, it means - sea of translations...
but "better late than never!"

Ladies result
SP http://www.isuresults.com/results/fc2012/fc2012_Ladies_SP_Scores.pdf
FS http://www.isuresults.com/results/fc2012/fc2012_Ladies_FS_Scores.pdf

::: Ladies FS Mixed Zone Interviews :::

Mao Asada http://japanskates.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=445#445
Kanako Murakami http://japanskates.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=446#446
Haruka Imai http://japanskates.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=447#447

Ashley Wagner (Alexandria, Va./Aliso Viejo, Calif., SC of Wilmington) Ė 1st place Ė 192.41 points overall (128.34, 64.07)
(On her free skate) I was very pleased with that. I decided while I was out there to do the Axel-double toe instead of exerting the extra energy for the triple toe so that I would have energy for the rest of the program and I think that worked out very well for me.
(On the overall competition) Overall, I am pleasantly surprised with how this weekend went. Itís a great build on top of my nationals performance and hopefully I can keep on this upward trend.
(On Worlds) Going into Worlds we just need to work on getting the Axel-toe and the triple flip-triple toe consistently in the program. I think thatís the most crucial thing for me to have.
+++ press conference +++
(on being first U.S. lady in five years) I donít think I can say right now I feel pressure. The next step is to learn how to take these great scores and compartmentalize. Itís one competition at a time. I did a good job at nationals and Four Continents. As long as I can do the same thing, stay calm and focus on my performance and technical elements, I will be fine.
(on Worlds prep) Both of my performances here were better than at nationals. Going into worlds, I want to get my triple-triple in the short on one foot and the axel-triple toe in the long. If I can do something similar to this at Worlds, I would be extremely pleased.
Tonight was an awesome performance for me a personal best and to receive that internationally is a huge accomplishment. Everything I did out there was solid and strong.
(on being the ďalmost girlĒ) I think that I have the confidence and technique and performance to put that to rest but at same time I have to maintain this level of skating to not be the Ďalmost girlí anymore.

Caroline Zhang (Brea, Calif./Artesia, Calif., All Year FSC) Ė 3rd place Ė 176.18 points overall (117.44, 58.74)
(on tonightís performance) I was really happy with my performance tonight. There were a lot of things that I did differently than my previous long programs so Iím really happy with how I did.
(on beating season & personal bests) It feels great. It just gives me more motivation to keep working and help me get an even better one next year.
+++ press conference +++
I was very happy with how skated today. Something I wanted to do was to get those levels on spins and footwork. To get those was big accomplishment for me.
(on offseason plans) I donít have any plans right now for new programs. I will be getting a new long. I will probably keeping my short because I like it. I hope to improve on it and learn to perform it better. I want to add the triple-triple back into the long. And work on my triple Salchow and the triple loop-triple loop so they will be better next year.

Agnes Zawadzki (Des Plaines, Ill./Colorado Springs, Colo., Broadmoor SC) Ė 6th place Ė 157.23 points overall (104.36, 52.87)
(On tonightís performance) Itís a little disappointing because practice was a lot better. I think I need to work on getting it the same and having it click during competition instead of practice. Yeah, itís a seasons best, but I had higher standards for myself.

Alexandra Najarro (CAN), 2012 National bronze medalist
(on the free skate) I wouldnít say the second half was stronger. I think I anticipate my flips, and I donít know why. Itís a work in progress. Nationally, for some reason, I have more confidence in these jumps. (internationally) I try too hard and really want to be perfect. But I still got to enjoy it.(on whatís sheís learned here) Definitely not to want to be perfect. To have more patience in my jumps and believe I can do them.

Amelie Lacoste (CAN), 2012 National Champion
It wasn't my best obviously. I missed a lot of stuff that I usually don't miss. I think I was a bit nervous because I put a lot of pressure on myself. I was coming here for the spot for Worlds. It wasn't my best performance but I'm looking forward to Worlds. (On skating right after Cynthia Phaneuf with whom she competed for the spot for Worlds) I didn't watch her performance at all, I was focusing on myself. I heard her marks but I don't think that affected my performance. I told myself, push through to the end and give everything you have.

Cynthia Phaneuf (CAN), 2012 National silver medalist
(on the competition) I was nervous coming here but I have been doing very well at home so I was confident. I have been doing very well in practices all week long. This morning was a hard practice for me. I was off and I was more nervous going into the long program because of this morning. Iím quite happy that I fought through it. (on missing making the World Team by a small margin) It was so close. Itís maybe a sign. It was so close at nationals and so close here. Maybe itís a sign to go back home and work harder on stuff. It was the best for me and Amelie. It was a good thing because we were pushing each other. Iím sure this competition between us has been making us better skaters. I wish her the best for Worlds.

Min-Jeong Kwak (KOR), 2011 Asian Winter Games bronze medalist
I was so exhausted in the second part of my program that I thought about giving up. I never competed at such altitude. (On what she takes from this competition to the next) I want to skate better with the music and I want to improve my stamina.

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 18, 2012 4:39 am    Post subject: 4CC Quotes from Japanese ::: Daisuke TAKAHASHI in English Reply with quote

::: 4CC Daisuke TAKAHASHI Quotes :::

+++ after SP +++
A little tensed there, to miss a quad(4T< fall should have been 4T-3T), that was really disappointing. But I calmed myself to secure my 1st unstable spin - 2nd spin got Level2, though, to secure 3Lz with 3T to make it combination, as well. HoweverÖ mistaking 4T meant a lot to me.
- On his 4T(fall)
I guess, my motion couldn't meet its timing, due to nerves. I think it's not a bad jump, thought I could land it, that seemed to be failed. (smiles) I was tenacious to land it by the fall. My 4Ts went weird when I got tensed before, that has disappeared. This time I failed, but I could next time. (When did you decide to have 4T-3T?:) My quads has been not bad since I came here, it has fitted me so far, in morning practice too, then "go take off!", as I had trained 4Ts to have it in programs.
- Some journalist asked about "5 points" to beat Patrick CHAN
I didn't watch anybody performing, didn't know the result, Ösuch points behind, either. I guess I had disadvantages: didn't show skating skills as 100%, didn't flow on 3Lz-3T, made some little mistakes on my elements.
- On altitude
It isn't the reason why I missed my 4T. You get mostly used to it if you have trained for 3 days. (How do you feel about it after SP?:) "I did it," such encounter of the altitude. I got relieved, but apparently tired! as I can't breath normally here(about 5 minutes after SP). (laughs) In performing I hadn't felt tiredness more than usual, but I feel a bit influence now! (laughs)
- for FS
hope I will make no mistake in the second half, after I get tired, as my FS didn't go well so far, Öseemingly. (smiles) I want to make 4T in FS, which hasn't been succeeded this season, as it goes fly high in this altitude. And make the rest of the things I had trained.

+++ SP press conference +++
(in English) I missed the quad, but Iím still here so Iím happy. The first time (for me) to try altitude, but after the short program, I still feel OK. (laughs) (Did you decide to have 4T-3T after you saw CHAN missing 4T?:) I wasnít watching Patrick missing, that I didn't know at all. I have planned to have it since I came here, as it has fitted me so well. Like a "practice", you may train it and try it here. That didn't depend on his failure.

+++ after FS +++ (sorry I missed his Mixed Zone interveiw, here is a summary by ISU)
(On his performance:) I missed two jumps and my performance was not so good but I am still happy. Overall my performance (for the competition) was not bad, but I have many points to improve. (On going into Worlds:) I just need to continue to practice and work hard. (On the altitude:) It was hard but I thought it was going to be worse. After my performance, I was still okay, my energy was still okay.

+++ FS press conference +++
(in English) My performance was not good, I missed two jumps. But the audience helped me and I enjoyed tonight a lot.
- On fewer crowds
Particularly in Japan, Figure Skating is so popular and the successful event, which is mostly packed, so I'm surprised at this arena a little bit. But, when I started to perform, I felt fewer crowds - American and fans from Japan, started to enjoy more, they gave me more power to skate. I think every skater felt that.
- good aspects for Worlds
I guess it was a good preparation for me to compete between All-Japan and Worlds, in such a long term. And also I was much inspired by him(Patrick CHAN), his huge margin from my score motivates me; in practice, around him and other skaters, I found that I need to make my 4T stable, to have more consistency until Worlds; in this altitude, I hadn't got tired more than usual, as I had trained more than usual against this altitude, so the more I will train, the better I could perform at Worlds. I'm so satisfied overall this competition.
- On the altitude
Around the beginning of the 2nd half, it hit my foot, but I made pace to perform, so I didn't get tired more than I expected. I missed 1st and 2nd jump element, so "never miss again!," to have tension rather than tiredness. I might look tired, but I was "looking ahead," to use "breathing" and lots tactics. Then I found myself "got tired," after that. (smiles)

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