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Worlds 2011 in Moscow

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2011 5:22 am    Post subject: Worlds 2011 in Moscow Reply with quote

Hi there, I "plan" to send you planned elements, skaters quick quotes, press conference quotes, and reports of Ladies event.

#1 MEN SP Planned Program Content :::immediate:::

MEN who plans to have a quad-triple in SP:
13. Ryan BRADLEY,
16. Kevin REYNOLDS,
20. Brian JOUBERT,
22. Patrick CHAN,
27. Tomas VERNER,
28. Artur GACHINSKI,
30. & Nobunari ODA

- All the quad jumper prepare 4T-3T except Kevin(CANADA), 4S-3T.
- No one has 2+ quads.

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Joined: 26 Apr 2011
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2011 2:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

#2 MEN Quick Quotes after SP

1. Patrick Chan (CAN) 93.02 TES51.48(1) PCS41.54(1)
{4T-3T +1.86, 3A +1.86, CCoSp4 +0.93, 3F +1.50, FSSp4 +1.00, CCSp3 +0.64, SlSt4 +2.29}
I knew that if I skated really well I would get in the high 80s, but I didn't expect to get above 90, that's amazing. I'm so happy. I didn't sleep well last night and I'm glad I could give my all after the warming-up six minutes. I'm looking forward to performing my long program for the last time tomorrow. (On setting a new record score) It is exciting. To hear people break records and now finally I can break my own and I have my own world record right now. I'm so proud of myself. To set that world record is just a bonus and it just makes me smile even bigger. I hope I will do the same thing tomorrow and I just stay focused on my goals tomorrow, not to get carried away.

2. Nobunari Oda (JPN) 81.81 TES43.37(2) PCS38.44(3)
{4T -2.43, 3A +2.00, FCSp4 +0.36, 3Lz-3T +1.00, CCoSp2 +0.86, SlSt3 -0.03, CSSp4 +0.71}
I'm very pleased with my placement today. It was surprising, because I made a mistake on the quad and also wobbled on the footworks. But I had a quad in SP, because I thought it was necessary and that paid off. Last Worlds, I finished 28th in SP, so, placed in second this time is really nice and I'm happy to get a small medal of SP. I want to continue the same way.

3. Daisuke Takahashi (JPN) 80.25 TES39.33(8) PCS40.92(2)
{3F(e)-3T -0.10, 3A +0.57, FUSp3 +0.50, 3Lz +0.90, CCSp3 +0.21, SlSt3 +1.14, CCoSp3 +0.71}
I performed apparently well, although I stumbled on the footworks. I'm pretty happy with today's performance. I noticed that so many fans went crazy during my performance. It is really nice, because I always aim at creating emotions with my performance. In the Kiss and Cry, I saw Patrick(Chan)'s score and I was shocked. But I found that he had a quad in the short program and performed flawlessly, so he deserves it.

4. Artur Gachinski (RUS) 78.34 TES42.45(3) PCS35.89(9)
{4T-3T +1.57, 3A +0.43, 3Lo -1.30, CSSp4 +0.43, CiSt3 +0.79, FCSp3 +0.50, CCoSp2 +0.43}
My performance was good, I made only one little mistake on 3Lo. (On competing on his first World Championships) I feel no difference, it's just another competition for me, just one next step. (On performing in his homeland) I felt no pressure, only pleasure from skating for crowds in Russia.

5. Florent Amodio (FRA) 77.64 TES40.46(5) PCS37.18(5)
{3A +1.86, 3Lz-3T +0.80, 3F(e) -0.70, FCSp3 +0.36, CiSt2 +1.14, CCoSp4 +0.71, CSSp4 +0.79}
I am very satisfied with my program. It's a very special moment, we should have been on holiday already. Coming here as an European champion, I knew I had to perform clean on everything, and I am glad I did. I had some problems preparing with my boots to make it soft. This season didn't seem to end before Worlds. I just tried to forget about that and do my best. We worked a lot on all the element with (coach) Nikolai Morozov. I trained in France for one and a half months to come to Moscow two weeks ago.

6. Takahiko Kozuka (JPN) 77.62 TES39.83(6) PCS37.79(4)
{3Lz-3T +1.30, 3A -1.86, FSSp4 +0.64, 3F +0.70, CCSp4 +0.29, SlSt3 +0.93, CCoSp4 +0.93}
So ashamed that I couldn't do a perfect performance. Again, I think it is very important to kill the jumps, but I couldn't do it today. So I can't be satisfied with my performance. I can't figure out what happened to 3A. Recently, at competition, I made a mistake on 3A sometimes. I guess there was some extra pressure although I didn't feel it so much. I felt very warmly welcomed here, and I think crowds here in Moscow are genuine experts of Figure Skating, spasibo you all. With strong performances, I would like to cheer the Japanese people in these difficult times.

7. Michal Brezina (CZE) 77.50 TES41.10(4) PCS36.40(7)
{3A +1.71, 3F-3T -0.20, 3Lz +0.40, FSSp4 +0.50, CCSp4 +0.43, SlSt3 +0.86, CCoSp4 +0.50}
I am satisfied with how I skated today. I made only one little mistake on the landing (of 3F-3T), a little stupid maybe, I think I opened a little late. This mistake may cost me a place, because the difference is about 0.10 points. But the most important thing is I didn't fall. The day before yesterday I was very tired, that's why I didn't make my LP so good, but today I felt very good, I slept enough, so I am very happy with how everything went.

8. Tomas Verner (CZE) 75.94 TES39.62(7) PCS37.32(5) -1.00(fall)
{4T(fall) -3.00, 3A +0.14, 3Lz-3T -0.90, FUSp4 +0.29, SlSt3 +0.71, CCoSp3 +0.64, CSSp4 +0.64}
I am actually not very happy with this performance, although I tried to get my points back with my 3Lz-3T combination (he switched his combination after falling on 4T), because I am not going to be in the shake up for a medal here with such a performance. Though, for Worlds I was well prepared, even though the season was longer and everything hurts (knee and back). I am used to train in my way for some period (he came here very early) - this is how we train.

9. Brian Joubert (FRA) 71.29 TES34.37 PCS36.92(6)
{4T+COMBO -3.00, 3A +1.00, FUSp3 +0.14, 3F(e) -0.50, CCoSp3 +0.43, CiSt2 +0.86, CSSp4 +0.64}
I am not happy with this performance, because I made a big mistake on my combination jump (4T-3T). The rest of the program was ok. I tried to fight, but I lost so many points on the combination. (On not adding a 3T to 3F for making a combination) I thought about it, but when you change things in the last minute, mistakes can happen. This season is very difficult for me. I've changed many things and I tried to get better, but it was maybe too early for me. I know I can come back, but it is not this season. For FS, I want to skate clean and give a good performance to the Russian audiences.

10. Denis Ten (KAZ) 71.71 TES39.23(9) PCS31.77
{3A +1.29, 3Lz-3T -0.20, 3F +0.10, CCoSp4 +0.64, CSSp4 +0.07, SlSt3 +0.43, FCSp4 0.00}
I am satisfied with my skating today. This is a difficult competition and not only for me. We were getting ready to compete on World Championships in the end of March, but this disaster happened. I am very grateful to Russia for taking the responsibility to organize the Worlds. The first big competition I watched in the venue was World Championships in 2005 in Moscow, so it is a great honour for me to perform here. (on taking long break in competing after the Asian Winter Games) After the Games we already knew, that I would not go to Four Continents, so my coach made a special program for me to train for the World Championships, but of course we had to change it. I was in my best shape by the end of March. Then today I performed well, and now I need to focus for FS.

11. Richard Dornbush (USA) 70.54 TES38.25(11) PCS32.29
{3Lz-3T +0.40, 3A -1.00, CSSp4 +0.79, 3F(e) -0.70, FCSp4 +0.64, CCoSp4 +0.86, SlSt3 +0.36}
I've had a week of a couple of rough practices, so I was happy to get off the ice not having missed anything. I was very happy with what I did. Being my first world championships, I was a little nervous but was able to fight through it and gave the best possible performance. I really tried my hardest. It's amazing that Russia has been able to prepare this competition so well shortly and I'm really thankful to them. So far it's been a great Worlds experience.

12. Ryan Bradley (USA) 70.45 TES38.84(10) PCS31.61
{4T-2T 0.00, 3A +1.00, CCSp3 +0.29, 3F +0.10, FSSp4 +0.14, SlSt2 +0.14, CCoSp4 +0.07}
It was a little raw, energy-wise, I thought. The 4T got a little crooked so I was fighting through it, to get points for it was huge for me. I would have loved to have been able to pull a 3T following it... I got a little conservative (he added a 2T instead) but it's all right, I'm in the game. I thought crowds were great. Performing the program got really easy for me. This was a good step, laying the groundwork for tomorrow - I have two quads and two 3As so I could be still competitive, that's what today was like.

13. Ross Miner (USA) 2011 National bronze medalist
It felt great. I was so happy to be there, as same as Nationals. I had a good time. I can't wait to give the long program tomorrow. My training has paid off. I had worked really hard since Nationals. I'm really grateful for everyone at home who helped me to keep focused. The thing that is always the most nerve-wrecking is waiting. Once you're out there it is like, ok, I do this every day. I had a little time to wait, I kind of stole in the sweeper girls' locker room, because they were out sweeping and took my skates off, I could have some time to test a few jumps and to be focused.

14. Javier Fernandez (ESP) 2011 National silver medalist
I felt very good today to skate, but I think I made some mistakes in my spins. I have to check the levels. I'm pretty happy with today's performance. (On the Spanish flags on his skates) All Spanish skaters have these flags on the skate, of course we are proud of being Spanish. (On his music choice, the popular Russian "Nu pogodi" cartoon) I chose this music, which I found very funny and amusing. I watched the series for myself, those about skating and I loved it. This music is very different from what I've done before. My tastes differ and change, so next season maybe I would perform something brand-new again, something sad.

15. Kevin van der Perren (BEL) 2009 European bronze medalist
It's perfect timing – I miss the first quad this season and it happens at Worlds. Right now, the quad is my best jump! But tomorrow I'll have two quads. I was very nervous, because I just changed coaches and I felt like I needed to prove that I made the right decision. I completely changed my long program. I made it myself. I like the old one, but I was so sick of it and when Worlds were cancelled there was no way I was going to continue doing this program for another month. It's going to be hard, because this is the hardest program I ever did, component-wise and element‐wise.

19. Kevin Reynolds (CAN) 2010 Four Continents bronze medalist
I am very glad to be here and very happy with the 3A I made today. I decided not to have two quads today since I was recovering from injury and had 6 weeks off and it was a little difficult to get back into training. I knew that I would come here just 4 weeks ago, so my preparation has been a little rush. I could say I am 75% prepared. I'm now looking forward to FS where I have nothing to lose since I am currently 7th (after 16 skaters).

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2011 8:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

#3 More Quotes from press conference - such strong messages from 2 Japanese

Nobu 2nd place:
I also wanted to finish this season with a very good program, that’s what I concentrated on, then I could give my very best performance out there today. Knowing Patrick, I know he will perform his best tomorrow, so what I have to do is to put out my best. I don’t know if I can do this very well and also I don’t know if I can catch up to you, Patrick, but I hope I will do my best.

Daisuke 3rd place:
Regarding my performance today, I wouldn’t say it was 100% complete. Maybe it sounds funny, but I did enjoy it. I was very comfortable with my performance. Given the gap, of course the must is that I have to give my 100% and a perfect performance on the ice, but maybe tomorrow there will be a different wind. I don’t know, there just might be a miracle. We will see.

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Mark at Japan Skates
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, 2011 8:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Outstanding journalism, Aiko! I am looking forward (as are all our readers) to your reports.
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, 2011 7:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

((I always thank you, Mark.))

I'm sorry for that I couldn't send MEN FS Planned Program Content, due to the airplane mode.

+++ MEN FS Planned Program Content +++

quad jumpers in FS:
*Nan SONG 4T
Kevin REYNOLDS 4S, 4T-3T-2Lo
*Javier FERNANDEZ 4T, 4S
Brian JOUBERT 4T-3T, 4T
*Michal BREZINA 4T, 4S
Ryan BRADLEY 4T, 4T-2T
Patrick CHAN 4T-3T, 4T
Nobunari ODA 4T
*Takahiko KOZUKA 4T

- Everyone settles their quad(s) as the 1st(and 2nd) jumping element(s), except for Michal, who opens with a 3A, then 4T, 4S.
- *guy hasn't it in SP, but has in FS.

+++ MEN Quick Quotes and More from press conference after FS +++

1. Patrick Chan (CAN) overall 1st 280.98
187.96 TES96.44(2) PCS91.52(1)
{4T +1.29, 4T-3T +2.43, 3Lz +0.90, SlSt3 +1.29, FSSp4 +1.00 // 3A -1.57, 3Lz-1Lo-3S +1.20, CSSp3 +1.07, 3F +1.40, 3Lo +0.10, 2A-2T +0.50, ChSt1 +2.86, CCoSp4 +1.14}
It was an amazing performance, and considering I had to perform first in my group, I didn't back away or change my planned jumping elements at all. (PPC: 4T-3T,4T,3Lz//3A,3Lz-1Lo-3S,3F,3Lo-2T,2A) The first 4T was a little crooked in the air and I could have landed 3A better, but I'm very proud of myself that I was able to make two quads in my program and for being able to add a 3T to the second one. (On the keys to success for him) Figure skating is about being smart - taking care of your body, concentrating on training but also on recovery just as much. It's a big leap from last season for me.
::: More from press conference :::
I felt some pressure even though people said "it's a great big lead, you don't need to put in two quads in the long", but I really wanted to do it because that's what I've been training and I felt dedicated to do it for myself, and to show that it wasn't a fluke that you did well and I was able to put it out in the way I wanted. I was lucky to draw first, I was able to get warmed up and get the nervous bugs out of me, before I went out and the program started. (On people saying his score was over credited earlier in the season and in general) I went out and did what I had to do and the rest was in the judges' hands. I don't honestly understand the points, my job is to go out and compete - like a racehorse running around the track - and the rest happens later.

2. Takahiko Kozuka (JPN) overall 2nd 258.41
180.79 TES98.53(1) PCS82.26(2)
{4T +2.29, 3A +2.43, 3Lz-2T +1.00, CCoSp4 +0.64, SeSt3 +1.07 // 3A-2T-2Lo +1.57, 3F +1.00, 3Lz-3T +1.40, 3Lo +1.00, 3S +0.80, FSSp4 +0.79, ChSt1 +2.00, FCCoSp4 +1.00}
It was the best performance this season so far, I'm very happy. The whole season was good, but this was the best. I saw for the first time that Mr. Sato (his coach) openly showed his emotions and I am glad that I could make him happy. I made the quad as good as possible. I am very glad that with my performance I could inspire the Japanese people in such hard times. That was my dream in this Championships, and it has come true.
::: from press conference :::
There's such an unique atmosphere in the World Championships, so, while I was waiting to perform, my heart was beating fast but my coach told me "Think of all the practice and training you went through, and you'll get confident to believe in yourself." So I was looking back at my season, thinking about all of the training. And I said to myself, "yes, I did quite a lot". I gave my all, then the result followed. (On the preliminary round) Yes, it was tiring, to be honest, but I made sure my peak came in FS today. I wouldn't like to do it again. (On how the disaster in Japan affected him this Worlds) Yes it is such a grief-stricken tragedy and many people to continue suffering. What I needed to do was to bring some good news back at home and I've done it with my silver medal. All the skaters were affected by the World Championships being delayed and moved, not just me. Yesterday I could see the opening ceremony, there the Russian people had embraced the Japanese, with their warm souls. I would like to express my gratitude to them. I was overwhelmed by the warm welcome you have provided to us. Thank you.

3. Artur Gachinski (RUS) overall 3rd 241.86
163.52 TES85.66(3) PCS77.86(5)
{4T +1.71, 3A-2T-2Lo -0.57, 3A +1.00, FCSp3 +0.64, 3Lz-3T +1.10, 3Lo +0.10, CiSt3 +0.93, CCSSp3 +0.71 // 3Lz +0.60, 3F(e) -0.70, 2A~2A +0.21, ChSt1 +1.86, CCoSp3 +0.43}
I can say that my performance was almost perfect. I made a 4T and two 3As. My scores were just super! This is a big result for me. Crowds supporting was great. (On how he deals with the nerves) I was nervous in the hotel a little bit, but when I came to the venue I got calm, for I perform my programs as my job, which has to be done. (on this season) It was a great season. I participated both in Europeans and Worlds. And both competitions were quite successful for me. We didn't speak about our future plans with Aleksei Nikolaevich (Mishin), so I can't tell anything.
::: from press conference :::
Yesterday I said that I would definitely have a medal - I meant in the future, not necessarily so soon! I am really happy to have won a bronze medal and I am definitely going to hang this medal on my wall and be admiring, contemplating it.

4. Brian Joubert (FRA) overall 8th 227.67
156.38 TES80.80(6) PCS75.58(8)
{4T +2.57, 3T +1.10, 3A-2T +0.29, FUSp3 +0.14, CiSt2 +0.71 // 3Lz +1.20, 3A +0.43, 3S-2T +0.80, 3Lo-3T -1.10, CSSp1 +0.07, ChSt1 +1.29, 3F(e) -0.30, CCoSp1 +0.64}
I felt very comfortable to perform today. I feel comfortable in my long program and enjoy performing it every time. The fans supported me not only during the program, but also while warming up. I like performing in Russia. (On cutting his hand) There is nothing special in it, its pretty ordinary thing. I got injured in spinning, my blood was everywhere on the ice, but its alright. I have no regrets now, I was relaxed in the warming-up and I killed a beautiful quad. I have to continue like that.

5. Michal Brezina (CZE) overall 4th 233.61
156.11 TES83.19(5) PCS74.92(9) -2.00(falls)
{3A +2.14, 4T +0.71, 4S +0.29, FSSp4 +0.29, SlSt3 +0.79, FCSSP3 +0.21 // 3A-2T +1.14, 3F-3T -0.60, 2A +0.36, 3Lz(fall) -2.10, 3F(fall) -2.10, ChSt1 +0.71, CCoSp4 +0.36}
I'm so pleased with my performance in spite of the two mistakes (on 3F,3Lz) I made in the end, because I had a great start with two different kinds of quads. I did this program, now I know I can do it! This season was quite hard for me, I had tried to recover from my injury for a while… Even I had the feeling it could be my last season. (On his lack of energy in the end) It could seem to be like that, but in fact, the beginning of the program was quite difficult and I'm pleased with this entire program.

6. Daisuke Takahashi (JPN) overall 5th 232.97
152.72 TES71.64(13) PCS82.08(3) -1.00(fall)
{1T -0.24, 3F-3T +0.80, 3Lo-2Lo-2T +0.10, FCCoSp4 +0.10, CiSt3 +1.43 // 3A -1.86, 3A-2T +0.86, CCoSp3 +0.07, 3S(fall) -2.10, 3Lz(e) -0.60, ChSt1 +2.71, FCUSp2 +0.79}
The screw got lose on my boot, that is my fault although I check them every night. I was very calm when I went out for the second time, though I knew that I couldn't win a medal for now, due to missing the first jump (4T).

7. Florent Amodio (FRA) overall 7th 229.68
152.04 TES74.98(9) PCS77.06(6)
{3A +1.43, 3A-2T +1.86, 3Lo +0.60, CiSt2 +0.86, FSSp3 +0.50 // 2S-1Lo-3S +0.30, 3Lz +0.50, 3F(e) -0.70, 3Lz-2T +0.10, 2A 0.00, ChSt1 +1.71, CCoSp3 +0.71, CSSp2 +0.50}
I made an error on my 3S-1LO-3S combination, as I felt a lot of pressure, for I came here as the European Champion. But this was the performance I expected and I'm very pleased with it. I had a magic moment out there and I could show who I am. (On having the lyrics in the music) It turned the performance even more into a party and to lose one point didn't matter to me. I know that I've not been yet at the level of Patrick Chan. I was 15th last year and now I'm in 7th and I like that!

8. Richard Dornbush (USA) overall 9th 222.42
151.88 TES78.24(8) PCS73.64(10)
{3F +0.50, 3A -0.43, 3Lz +0.80, SlSt3 +0.29, FCoSp3 +0.10 // 3A-3T +1.86, CSSp4 +0.71, 2S +0.03, 3Lz-2T-2Lo +0.70, 2A~2A +0.50, 3Lo 0.00, ChSt1 +1.43, CCoSp4 +0.71}
It feels great, the whole week has been a great experience. There were a couple of small mistakes, but I've been training 3A-3T combination in the second half in run throughs at home, so I knew I could do it here. I'm definitely happy with my performance overall, with being my first World Championships. Being able to stay on my feet in both programs and seeing all the other skaters and what they've done is a total inspiration for next year.

9. Nobunari Oda (JPN) overall 6th 232.50
150.69 TES72.25(12) PCS78.44(4)
{3T-3T +1.40, 3A*-3T*(invalid element), 3F +1.30, CiSt3 +0.79, FCCoSp3 +0.14 // 3A +1.71, 3Lz-2T-2Lo +0.30, 3Lo +1.10, 3S +0.80, 2A +0.57, ChSt1 +1.43, FSSp4 +0.29, CCoSp4 +0.79}
(Nobu's PPC{4T,3A-3T,3F//3A,3Lz-2T-2Lo, 3Lo,3S-3T, 2A})
I am really disappointed with my performance, because I had been training not to do these mistakes - he made 3 3Ts… he could have won a bronze!

10. Javier Fernandez (ESP) overall 10th 218.26
149.10 TES84.32(4) PCS65.78(17) -1.00(fall)
{4T +0.43, 4S -0.43, 3A +1.29, FSSp3 +0.21, CiSt3 +0.43 // 3A-3T(fall) -2.14, 3Lz~2A 0.00, 3F(e) -0.30, 3S-2T-2T 0.00, 3Lo +0.30, ChSt1 +1.00, CSSp3 +0.14, CCoSp2 -0.09}
It was so exciting to complete two quads in one long program for the first time. Well, I was a bit disappointed with making some mistakes in 3A-3T. I felt a bit tired today, more than yesterday, but I'm really happy about the culmination of this season and this competition itself.

11. Ross Miner (USA) overall 11th 217.93
147.53 TES78.75(7) PCS68.68(14)
{CiSt1 +0.50, 3A-2T +1.14, 3Lz-3T +0.50,3A +1.00, FCCoSp3 +0.29 // 3Lo +0.40, 3Lz +1.40, 3S-2T-2Lo +0.20, ChSt1 +1.14, 3F +0.80, FSSp4 +0.50, 2A +0.14, CCoSp3 +0.07}
I'm really happy with how it went. I did exactly what I've trained to do and I think that I showed it wasn't a fluke at U.S. Nationals (he won a bronze medal). After the Grand Prix season, I changed my training habits and my whole dedication to the sport. It was six months of honest work and I can't wait to go back home and start again. I wish I had done that last spin a little better, but besides that, I really executed both my programs here.

12. Ryan Bradley (USA) overall 13th 212.71
142.26 TES72.74(11) PCS69.52(12)
{4T +0.71, 4T<-1T< -2.57, CiSt2 +0.14, 3A +1.43, 3Lz +0.40, FSSp4 +0.50, ChSt1 +1.00 // 2A-2T -0.07, 3Lo +0.50, 3S-2T-2T -0.70, 3F< -0.70, FCSp4 +0.57, CCoSp3 +0.21}
My performance wasn't perfect, wasn't bad. I hit two quads, it took a lot of energy. Of course I hoped to place a little better, but that's how it is. (On this season) It was a very unique season for me, because it was very short, I had only two competitions. But this was the best season I've ever had, what is funny. It's my highest finish in Worlds. It wasn't perfect, but nothing to be ashamed of. I think it's good. (On his plans for future) I have no idea yet. There's going to be a lot of thinking, discussing with my coach and my parents, so we'll see where we are.

13. Tomas Verner (CZE) overall 12th 216.87
It was a pity about 4T at the beginning, that damaged my feet, I couldn't do anything about it but let it go. On the second 3A, I had so focused to add a following 3T that I couldn't concentrate enough on 3A itself (he doubled). As for this entire season, I am very satisfied with my new coach, and I could adjust myself very well to the Canadian methods of practice. My skating has become very mature for now. I will keep working a lot in this way and change both programs for next season - I am sure, even it will get a lot better.

14. Denis Ten (KAZ) overall 14th
(On missing his 3A) 3A is actually the hardest jump for me. During the whole season I worked on my jumps, some of them got better. I will continue to work on them. I'll try my best to show a quad next season. I was not very nervous to perform last in my group. This was a very serious competition and the number does not matter at all. (On his plans) Due to moving of Worlds to Russia I have changed my plans, and I am not very sure about the future plans, but I know that I will surely present a new program the next season. (On results of the season) I would not say that it was a good or a bad season. I would name it transitional one, I think each athlete should have such a season to reach more in the future.

17. Samuel Contesti (ITA) overall 18th
It was a very high level competition indeed. I couldn't allow myself to miss a single element. I didn't make the first 3A (he doubled), it was quite hard and I got tired but I kept fighting till the end. But I don't want to talk about my technical issues now. (On future plans) I'll change my preparation, because the beginning of the season was difficult. I only started to feel better at the European Championships. I was lagging behind in my preparation. But I had some good practices before these championships and will keep working on the programs during the summer.

18. Kevin van der Perren (BEL) overall 17th
I am not satisfied at all with my performance, I worked the hardest for this competition, and I make two quads in FS every day. I made the first quad and my strength left me. Maybe this is about nerves, I'm always very nervous. I know, that I am an experienced athlete, but it hasn't gotten easier. (On future plans) We'll see. I will think about that after the summer trainings. If I am in good shape, then I'll continue.

21. Kevin Reynolds (CAN) overall 20th
This program was very disappointing for me, it didn't go the way I hoped. The quads were coming back on practice this week, and I thought I could show them here. This season was very different, with Worlds taking place so late. I will now start with the choreography of my new programs in a couple of weeks and I will give a new layout to them.

+++ NON-Worlds: A miracle Russian Night +++
I lost my passport in the air port, BY THE WAY! …around the finish time of MEN FS, and got back! this midnight. Daisuke noted "- there might be a miracle." yesterday, then it just happened to me! Man, Russian ladies are incredibly nice and warm to help, no, save me! They had nursed me, for 3 hours!!! this late night. To take me to my hotel, accompany with this stranger until my passport were back to me. Then finally I got accommodations. I can send you this, thanks to those ladies and a few uncles. One girl explained to me "Generally, Russian people seem not to be so much friendly, but actually not." ABSOLUTELY NOT! Imagine, dreamy color and shape of Kremlin buildings. - it's their souls. (Of course, girls are all so beautiful souls, you know!)

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#5 LADIES SP Planned Program Content ::: immediate :::

LADIES who plans to have a 3-3:
10 Amelie LACOSTE 3Lo-3Lo, 3Lz
11 Mae Bernice MEITE 3T-3T, 3Lo
12 Elena GLEBOVA 3T-3T, 3S
16 Sarah HECKEN 3T-3T, 3S
19 Kanako MURAKAMI 3T-3T, 3F
21 Alena LEONOVA 3T-3T, 3F
22 Carolina KOSTNER 3T-3T, 3F
23 Ksenia MAKAROVA 3T-3T, 3Lo
27 Kiira KORPI 3T-3T, 3Lo
28 Rachael FLATT 3F-3T, 3Lz
30 & Yuna KIM 3Lz-3T, 3F

only one girl who has a 3A in SP:
29 Mao ASADA 3A, 3Lo, 3F-2Lo

other favorites:
25 Miki ANDO 3Lz-2Lo, 3Lo (the same as Japan Nats and 4CC)
26 Alissa CZISNY 3Lz-2T, 3F
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Group 4
Kanako MURAKAMI placed 10th 54.86 TES28.51 PCS26.35(10)
{3T-3T< -0.30, 3F 0.00, LSp4 +0.50, 2A -1.00, FSSp4 +0.21, SlSt3 +0.57, CCoSp4 +0.43}
…To be truly honest, a "Jumpin' Jack" Kanako gave a so good performance like GPF, JapanNats, or, as always! In the venue, if you watch an under-rotated triple jump, you could see it's not the same rotation as a completed triple jump. - ISU gave a so delicate guideline. Then, I (was also in the GPF venue) can say that: Kanako made her 3T-3T as usual. Meanwhile, the crowds loved her performance, got crazy when her swing jazz dancing was featured, as same as GPF; and Jumpin' Kanako in Worlds slowed down a little bit, as same as GPF. THEN take a look at her PCSs, to compare! GPF: 28.43 Worlds: 26.35 --- WHAT'S WRONG?
::: Quick Quote :::
Although this is a really big competition, I was not so nervous, for I did not think about it. I was actually more relaxed than other competition. Tomorrow I will give my all to perform cleanly and redeem myself.

Cynthia(PHANEUF placed 13th), despite doubled Lz, her flamenco was flaring like 4CC(with a fallen Lz) in Taiwan, but unlike Taiwanese, Russian crowds had stayed warm, not to burn. However, finally I found they loved it like Taiwanese - they cheered noisily, when she gave a thank-you bow to them. That's Russian way?

Alena LEONOVA 5th 59.75 TES31.55(4) PCS28.20(9)
{3T-3T +0.90, 3F +0.70, FSSp4 +0.36, 2A +0.36, LSp4 +0.43, SlSt2 +0.14, CCoSp4 +0.36}
Responding such huge Russian cheers, Alena got back on the right track! with much entertaining performance of her own - as if her wobbling in footworks looked like an ad-lib choreography!
::: Quick Quote :::
I feel great! I thought, that it would be so hard to perform here because of the pressure, I wasn't even very happy, that they moved World Championships to Moscow, but in the end, it was great. The crowds were amazing and I took my energy from them. They were cheering even throughout the program, I landed a jump and heard their applause. I had so much energy, that I nearly fell on my step sequence, but luckily was able to stand up and could make it funny. I want to say thank you also to Artur (Gachinski) and Tanja and Maxim (Volosozhar and Trankov), they inspired us with their great performances.

Carolina KOSTONER 6th 59.75 TES30.52(6) PCS30.23(5) -1.00(fall)
{3T-3T +0.70, 2A +0.57, FCSp4 +0.50, 3F(fall) -2.10, LSp3 +0.43, CiSt3 +0.79, CCoSp4 +0.43}
[A clean 3T-3T] minus [slower skating than her usual] minus [fall on 3F] = "respectable". Her flamenco was bright in GPF but not so much in Worlds, though her PCS is almost same. PCS is always questionable for me…
::: Quick Quote :::
I felt good today. It was good to start the competition finally. I really wanted to have a good program. I guess I was too focused on 3F I fell on, wanted to control too much, that held it back. This was such a shame. Even though our practice was quality, at the ISU seminar which took place in Oberstdorf. I had a good preparation. We were a good team and we did a lot together on our free time to let the time go by faster until these Worlds.

Ksenia MAKAROVA 3rd 61.62 TES32.53(3) PCS29.09(7)
{3T-3T +0.60, 3Lo +0.70, 2A +0.29, FSSp4 +0.50, SlSt3 +0.50, CCoSp4 +0.64, LSp3 +0.50}
It must be a highlight of the Day! Ksenia looked in-form, her moves were so sharp&spectacular - as Latin Ballroom's way. A lots tangos&flamencos were there in Ladies SP, it was a Latin Ballroom of the Day! as well. She filled "MegaSport" arena with such the mega-most enthusiasm!
::: Quick Quote :::
I gave a really strong short program and I got a seasons best. My jumps were good and there were so many emotions, even more than I expected. So I'm very happy with that. I tried not to think about the high level of this competition, I just wanted to do my best. The crowds were amazing, they supporting me from the beginning to the end and they clapped throughout the entire program. I really like how they cheered for me. They gave me a lot of confidence. I killed 3T-3T as good as possible at the beginning. So the program started well. I had trained very well in St. Petersburg. I am confident and I'm ready for tomorrow.
::: More from press conference :::
I am very surprised to sit here with the legends, next to Olympic Champion Yuna Kim. All my hard work paid off. For tomorrow I hope to do it again. (On challenging the difficulty) I'm sorry, I can't have a quad or a 3A at all. I think it is better to make a good 3-3 at high speed and with a clean landing than a bad quad. I think that's better for the audience as well.

Elene(GEDEVANISHVILI placed 15th) looked so busy working on her elements, that sometimes you might see.

Group 5
Miki ANDO 2nd 65.58 TES34.20(1) PCS31.38(2)
{3Lz-2Lo +1.10, 3Lo +0.90, 2A +0.57, FSSp4 +0.79, SlSt3 +0.93, CCoSp4 +0.50, LSp4 +0.71}
Miki also entered so warm vibes of MegaSport, as other Japanese skaters did. Many girls connect loop-loop with 3Lo, but how quality Miki's is! - She did it again that she performed her SP perfectly at Japan Nats and 4CC.
::: Quick Quote :::
I was really nervous, because when I performed the first of the group, most times something bad happened and before coming on the ice I remembered that. I skated pretty well even though I am not satisfied with my spins. Because of the disaster in my home country Japan, I really try to cheer people up with my performances and make them smile, so I feel my first job has done. I would like to perform cleanly tomorrow. The Russian crowd is very nice, I like Russia, I feel like it is my second home country.
::: More from press conference :::
I wanted to have a 3Lz-3Lo in the short program and it was really good the past weeks, but after that I got a problem with my mind and it wasn't so good anymore. Then I decided to have a triple‐double, it is less risky, and in the short program it is important to do well and to collect as many points as possible. (On challenging the difficulty) I had a 4S when I was a kid, it was easy to me. As I grew up, it became more difficult for my body. But I'd like to have the quad again in the future. I also have been working on triple‐triple‐triple combination in training, and I made them sometimes, but it is still too risky.

Alissa CZISNY 4th TES31.33(5) PCS30.04(6)
{3Lz-2T +0.70, 3F(e) -1.20, 2A +0.43, FCSp4 +0.71, SlSt2 +0.64, CCoSp4 +1.14, LSp4 +1.21}
Alissa performed as she described on QQ, indeed, but her magic spins didn't seem to be a spell for Russian crowds… as much as for Chinese.
::: Quick Quote :::
I was nervous as at my first two World Championships (in 2007 and 2009), the short programs weren't so great, so I just wanted to go out and do my best today. I really fought for everything in that program and I was satisfied with my performance. I just want to go out tomorrow, perform my best, and show the crowd a lovely program.

Kiira KORPI 9th 55.09 TES25.83 PCS30.26(5) -1.00(fall)
{3T(fall)+COMBO -2.10 3Lo +0.60, FSSp4 +0.71, 2A +0.57, LSp3 +0.71, SlSt2 +0.64, CCoSp4 +1.00}
I saw Kiira on the ice, for the first time! She is so fast skater, more than I expected! Kiira's speed is the same level as Akiko's(SUZUKI)&Carolina's(as her usual speed). Despite her terrible fall on 3T; blood from her hand; no combination jump, her "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" was still theatrical for crowds. The ending, she drew the rainbow in the air and give it to crowds, I found Ms. Actress on the ice!
::: Quick Quote :::
(On cutting her hand) I fell on my first jump, and got these little scratches. When I finished I noticed blood on my leg. (On her fall) I don't know what happened, it is really difficult to say right after the skating. Maybe I went too much with the flow, it should be more in control, or the speed was too high. It's hard to say. (On why she didn't make a combination with her solo jump) It's just… usually I kill my combination, so I wasn't prepared. And 2T doesn't follow step-3Lo… I know, some skaters change their combination, but… usually I do it with 3T.

Rachael FLATT 8th 57.22 TES28.13 PCS29.09(7)
{3F-2T +0.50, 2Lz -0.90, FCSp4 +0.36, LSp3 +0.43, 2A +0.21, SlSt4 +1.86, CCoSp4 +0.57}
Her "East of Eden" is one of cherished programs this season, I guess, but it's not in Russia… though she got a very first Level4 on her bold, emotive footworks!!! It should have deserved in 4CC!
::: Quick Quote :::
My leg injury has been bothering me a little bit on 3Lz (she doubled), everything else has been really good. I am now going to be pushing through my elements in FS and try my best.

Mao ASADA 7th 58.66 TES27.92 PCS30.74(4)
{3A<< -1.21, 3Lo +0.70, 3F<-2Lo -0.90, CCOSp4 +0.86, FSSp4 +0.57, SlSt3 +0.79, LSp4 +0.71}
At Japan Nats, "3A hurts her yet boosts her! 3A refreshed her tango, at all! Her skating, moves, steps, everything got shining! with the 'Big Hat' clapping." - The opposite was true. At 'MegaSport', her two-footed, downgraded 3A ruined her charming tango. Not only shaky 3F. ((Some meanie media would like to cook conflict, to make an exaggerating sentence, but there were lots people beyond nationalism/favoritism with sportsmanship and artistic soul - I, A Japanese should make that a sentence.))
::: Quick Quote :::
I was very disappointed about my mistake on the triple Axel. I'm sad, for I couldn't show what I can do, and I have been focusing on my short program so much this season, yet I couldn't do it. Now I must restart for tomorrow. I'll try to give it my all, a strong performance.

Yuna KIM 1st TES32.97(2) PCS32.94(1)
{3Lz -1.50, 3F-2T +0.90, FSSp4 +0.71, 2A +1.00, LSp4 +1.29, SlSt3 +0.93, CCoSp4 +1.14}
I saw Yuna on the ice, also for the first time! But she wasn't so fast, not more than I expected. I imagined she could skate like MEN. Because so many Japanese ex-competitors acclaimed her speed. Today's fastest girl was Kiira, and Yuna's speed was the same as others. - It means she isn't in-form, I guess. BUT! she proved that she is still Queen Yuna, when she added much high 2T to flowing step-3F, I went crazy! As if it could look 3T!
::: Quick Quote :::
I have been making a lot of clean short programs in practice and my warming up was perfect, but I was a little nervous. I'm a little disappointed that I didn't do a clean short program today. I tried to focus on my Flip then I missed 3Lz-3T combination (stepped out Lutz). But I could switch my combination to the Flip, added a 2T to it. The rest of the program wasn't so bad and I'm in first place right now, so I'm pleased about that.
::: More from press conference :::
(On coming back to competition) I have already achieved my goals, I became an Olympic Champion and World Champion. But now I want to show a new character and new programs to my fans. (On getting back into shape) It didn't take long to build up my stamina again, so physically it was not so hard, but mentally it was difficult. I kept thinking why I have to do that. But then I felt mentally I was ready and I got ready for it. I didn't think I looked tensed up but I confess that I was a little nervous. (On her expression in the Kiss & Cry) Because of my mistake, I didn't know how my score would go and I didn't know what my competitors had done, so I was a little nervous waiting for the score. (On her programs) My Olympic programs got a high score and I was looking for something that is maybe even better, then I thought Giselle would be it. As for FS, we have thought about using Korean music before, and now I feel it was the right time to use Korean music for my Korean fans. (On challenging the difficulty) The 3-3(Flip/Lutz-3T) is my highest scoring element and I don't think I'll add new jumps.

11. Maé‐Bérénice Meité (FRA) 2011 National bronze medalist
I am very happy indeed with my short program today, especially with my triple triple combination (3T-3T) since it was the first time I made it in competition. There's no better performance to conclude this season than this. As for FS, I'm not quite sure if I have my triple triple again, anyway I don't have anything to lose. I just want to have a good skate and enjoy it.

12. Sarah Hecken (GER) 2011 National Champion
I felt good as I had a long time to prepare, since Worlds were postponed. I am very pleased to have made a clean performance for the last short program of the season. I was 12th at Worlds last year and it is a goal to repeat this result. If I can do better, I'll be even happier. It won't be easy. Like last year, everyone is skating really well and some young competitors have come up. (On her program) Finally I found myself - I have showed a character in SP, that was lacking before.

13. Cynthia Phaneuf (CAN) 2011 National Champion
My goal was to make a good short program and I was good in the warming‐up six minutes, but I backed off the Lutz when it was time to rotate (the triple, she doubled it). I'm keeping the two 3Lzs in the long program and I am looking forward to my chance to land them tomorrow for the last time this season.

14. Amelie Lacoste (CAN) 2011 National bronze medalist
My short was very good for me. It's my first time at Worlds and I only wanted to enjoy my program, as it was the last time to perform. I'm very happy that I made my 3Lz 'cause I always say I can do 3Lz but then in competition I always miss it. I lost some levels in my layback spin (it traveled) so that cost me a little bit of points. I'm looking forward to the long program.

15. Elene Gedevanishvili (GEO) 2010 European bronze medalist
I skated well. I was a little nervous in the beginning but once my music started I was fine. (On coming back to Russia after having lived and trained in Moscow until 2006). I have very warm feelings and it is nice to come back and perform here. The ice at Megasport Arena is very good, it is soft and hard at the same time, it is a very good mix.

16. Joshi Helgesson (SWE) 2011 National silver medalist
I'm really happy with my performance today. The jumps and spins were very good but I only got a level 2 in my steps and my speed in the program was not so good. (Her older sister, Viktoria performed right before her) I didn't watch Viktoria's performance because I had to focus on myself.

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#7 LADIES FS Planned Program Content ::: immediate :::

Group 3
#13 Sarah HECKEN: 3T-3T, 3Lz, 2A, 3Lo // 3S-2T-2T, 3S, 2A-2T
#14 Kiira KORPI: 3T-3T, 3Lz-2T, 3Lo, 3F // 3S, 3Lo-2T-2Lo, 2A
#15 Kanako MURAKAMI: 3T-3T, 3Lz, 3F~2A // 3F, 3Lo, 2A, 3S-2Lo-2Lo
#16 Mao ASADA: 3A, 3F-2Lo, 3Lz // 2A-3T, 3F-2Lo-2Lo, 3S, 3Lo
#17 Mae Berenice MEITE: 3Lo-2T-2T, 3Lz-2T, 3F // 3Lo, 3Lz, 3T~2A, 2A
#18 Rachael FLATT: 2A-3T, 3F-2T, 3Lz // 3Lo-2T-2Lo, 3F, 3Lo, 3S

Group 4
#19 Miki ANDO: 3Lz-2Lo, 3Lo // 2A-3T, 3Lz, 3S, 3T, 2A-2Lo-2Lo
#20 Alena LEONOVA: 3T-3T, 3Lz, 3Lo, 3F-2T // 3S-2T-2Lo, 2A, 3F
#21 Yuna KIM: 3Lz-3T, 3S-2T, 3F // 2A-2T-2Lo, 3Lz, 3S, 2A
#22 Alissa CZISNY: 3Lz-2T, 3F, 3T-2T-2Lo // 3Lo, 3Lz-2T, 2A, 3T
#23 Carolina KOSTNER: 3F, 2A, 2A-3T // 3S, 3Lo-2T, 3Lo, 3S-2T-2T
#24 Ksenia MAKAROVA: 3F, 3T-3T, 3Lo // 3Lo-2T-2Lo, 2A, 3S-2T, 2A

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#8 LADIES FS - Friday(SP) is Ksenia's Day, Saturday(FS) is Alena's Day.


Group 3
Sarah Hecken (GER) 11th in FS overall 11th 155.83
103.10 TES53.88 PCS50.22 -1.00(fall)
{3T-3T +0.80, 3F -0.10, 2A +0.50, 3Lo<<(fall) -0.90, LSp3 +0.14 // 3S-2T-2T 0.70, ChSp1 +0.29, 3S +0.60, 2A-2T +0.43, FCSp4 +0.29, SlSt3 +0.50, CCoSp4 +0.14}
Athletically, Sarah expressed her emotions so well, when she killed her starter 3T-3T, hit the second jump 3F. In an attractive way like Midori Ito - So you can't stand to stop cheering her! Mega-Sportsmanship worked in MegaSport.
::: Quick Quote :::
It was practically perfect today, I made a little mistake on 3Lo, but the rest was perfect. I achieved 100 points for the 1st time and it is actually my seasons best in an international event. It was great to perform in such a group, with leaders, this gave me motivation to show my best. (On future plans) We have not decided yet if we change our short program. As far as plans for the next season are confirmed, I want to be a national champion again and to achieve higher results at the Europeans and Worlds.

Kiira Korpi (FIN) 8th overall 9th 164.84
109.71 TES52.65 PCS58.06(8) -1.00(fall)
{3T-3T +0.90, 2Lz-2T 0.00, FSSp4 +0.50, 3Lo +0.80, 3F<<(fall) -0.90, ChSp1 +1.00 // 2S +0.09, 3Lo-2T-2Lo +0.30, SlSt3 +0.57, 2A +0.57, LSp4 +0.71, CCoSp4 +0.71}
Although such a fast skater slowed down due to her flaws and fall on jumps, she was still an actress "Evita" as yesterday's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".
::: Quick Quote :::
Today I just tried to forget about my yesterday's failure. Today is a new day and I had to start from the very beginning. The organization is absolutely amazing. Everything was great, the rink, the ice and especially the fans. (On future plans) Right now I can't say anything definite, but in June I'll do a new free program. (On the absence of Laura Lepistö) I didn't feel any pressure. We had Julia Turkkila on the team and that was a big help. (On her season) I made some progress this year. This year I won the Grand Prix in Paris, I won Nationals, and I improved my component score a lot.

Kanako Murakami (JPN) 7th overall 8th 167.10
112.24 TES55.62(6) PCS56.62(9)
{3T-3T< -0.10, 3Lz(e) -0.50, FCSSp4 +0.50, 3F~2A +0.80, LSp4 +0.86 // 1F -0.01, ChSp1 +1.29, 3Lo< -0.60, 2A +0.43, 3S-2Lo-2Lo +0.20, SlSt3 +0.86, CCoSp4 +0.79}
"The mask of" Kanako had fought, with more energy than Japan Nats her perfect performance. Even though her second 3T was "judged" under-rotated again, the second 3F popped, 3Lo got under-rotated, finally, the mask of (cute) Zorro with a sword, won a duel on her sparkling SlSt.
::: Quick Quote :::
I had more energy than I had yesterday, but there were still some mistakes. I popped a jump and I had two under rotations. That's a shame. (On what she learned at her first Worlds) I need to work on my jumps for sure, but not only on my jumps, but also on everything else - particularly on my skating itself, to match the top skaters.

Mao Asada (JPN) 6th overall 6th 172.79
114.13 TES54.19(8) PCS59.94(7)
{3A<< -0.64, 3F-2Lo +0.70, 3Lz(e) -0.60, CCoSp1 +0.10 // 2A-3T<< -0.93, 3F-2Lo-2Lo +0.50, 1S 0.00, FSSp4 +0.64, SlSt3 +0.71, 3Lo +0.50, FCCoSp4 +0.86, ChSp1 +1.14}
She lost her excellent posture in rotating on jumps, that took her smooth moves and touch on the ice away, from the graceful but gutty girl. Conditioning might be much harder than other ladies, for this only female 3A jumper. ((For Making It Sure: so many Korean crowds encouraged, supported Mao, as well as Miki&Kanako. A little Korean girl next to me, gave "ma-o-" with her sweet, small voice.))
::: Quick Quote :::
It has been a really difficult season for me, now I feel relieved. This competition, I had tried to give what I could do. I am not totally satisfied because of some mistakes, but I think I did my best at this moment.

Maé‐Bérénice Meité (FRA) 15th overall 14th 150.44
97.18 TES50.63 PCS47.55 -1.00(fall)
{3Lo-2T-2Lo +0.70, 3Lz(fall) -2.10, 3F -1.80, LSp4 +0.50, CiSt3 0.00 // 3Lo +0.70, 3Lz<+SEQ -1.50, ChSp1 +0.86, 3T -0.90, 2A~2A +0.50, FCSp4 +0.07, CCoSp4 +0.07}
This worlds in Moscow, she got lots of new fans, definitely. Everyone there expected her "spinning top" jumps, if it would be succeeded or not!
::: Quick Quote :::
This was my third program (after the preliminary and SP), so you have to take this into account. I wanted to skate clean, but it didn't happen. I was a little stressed, but I went into the program like the others. I was confident. But I don't want to complain, I had a good season, I went to Europeans, two Grand Prix events and Worlds. Now I have to go back to school.

Group 4
Rachael Flatt (USA) 14th overall 12th 154.61
97.39 TES45.45 PCS51.94(10)
{2A-3T< -1.29, 1F 0.00, CCSp4 +0.21, 2A +0.36, FCoSp3 +0.29 // 3Lo 0.00, ChSp1 +0.71, 1F -0.01, 3Lo-2T-2Lo +0.20, SlSt2 +0.29, 3S-2T +0.10, CCoSp3 +0.14}
Her injury looked so terrible… as she substituted 2A for 3Lz(planned as the 3rd jump), she had a problem with Toe jumps: F/T, in kicking with the free leg. BUT she fought until her program ended. That's her character!
::: Quick Quote :::
I'm in a lot of pain. I have a stress fracture in my tibia. I tried to do the best I could, but unfortunately it wasn't very good. It certainly wasn't close to my best FS, but I tried to push through it. I only found out about the injury last Friday. Now I'm going to take a family vacation before I head to college (she will enroll this fall at Stanford University in California). I will take about a month off to let my injury heal.

Miki Ando (JPN) 1st overall 1st 195.79
130.21 TES65.75(1) PCS64.46(3)
{3Lz-2Lo +1.10, 3Lo +0.40, FSSp4 +0.71, CCoSp4 +1.00, ChSp1 +1.29 // 2A-2T -0.57, 3Lz +0.90, 3S +0.80, 3T +1.00, 2A-2Lo-2Lo +0.50, SlSt3 +0.93, FCCoSp4 +1.00}
I have seen Miki did her LP perfectly, 3times this season: GPF/Japan-Nats/4CC. This time, she mistook on 2A-3T, 2A got shaky and 3T couldn't followed, changed to 2T, but I could see Miki did it the most stably of the ladies. Listen to this strong but sweet girl,
::: Quick Quote :::
This was the last time to perform this program, so I wanted to show my best, but I couldn't do perfectly today, I had small mistakes and didn't have enough speed. This time I had skated for Japan, it was a tribute to the Japanese people who suffered in the disaster. I hope I could bring back a little smile to them. I won my first World title in Japan and now my second title here in Moscow. I'm very happy about that as I consider Russia is my second home.
::: More from press conference :::
(On what this 2nd World title 4 years later means to her) Four years ago I didn't have an expectation of a medal, for I got injured and I hadn't skated for 2 weeks before the competition in Tokyo, 2007 Worlds. I just did my job and got a gold medal. This Time, the big difference is I had some goals, I had some expectation of a medal. As I have worked hard to become a stronger skater than 4 years ago; and I had a chance of a medal this season. (On competing for Japan after their tragedy) I think Japanese people need some enjoyment or energy from the Japan team, to make Japan stronger or smile again. The results doesn't matter, it matters how we perform for Japan. I hope somebody is smiling again, as Figure Skating is really popular, so many people have watched this competition. (On coach Nikolai Morozov) We worked for a long time together, now we don't even have to talk, we know each other so well. Before the competition he just said, "Believe in yourself, believe what we worked on, just think each element one by one, and the important thing is to just enjoy skating." Of course we have had good and bad times on the ice together, as we have fought, laughed and cried together. This time it works so well and he helps me so much. For me he's the best coach in the world and I just want to say thank you so much to Nikolai Morozov.

Alena Leonova (RUS) 4th overall 4th 183.92
124.17 TES62.35(2) PCS61.82(4)
{3T-3T +1.40, 3Lz(e) -0.60, 3Lo +0.90, FSSp4 +0.57, 2F-2T +0.04, CCoSp4 +0.50, ChSp1 +1.57 // 3S-2T-2Lo +0.70, 2A +0.50, 3F +0.30, SlSt3 +1.00, FCCoSp3 +0.57}
She gave A Lifetime Performance! to me. - Enthusiastic crowds and Alena, whole MegaSport expected emotions of this program "The Witches of Eastwick", to get started. When the witch opened with her magically rotated 3T-3T(GOE+1.40), she bewitched MegaSport at all! As the witch had done her witchcraft elements wave after wave like waving a wand, the spell got tighter and tighter. She doubled on 3F(2F-2T), that felt like a wicked trick for crowds. The witch ran away on her SlSt showing her confidence, then the spell was broken, the euphoria flooded over MegaSport. (My eyes were flooded with tears.)
::: Quick Quote :::
Feeling wonderful. I did everything I planned. I had a little mistake, did one double instead of triple, yet it didn't matter for me at that time, for I did everything before. I was very nervous. Even since yesterday I have been thinking about how to perform after Miki Ando. She is such a good skater, and skated so good this season, that I had no doubt: she will make everything. And the crowds were so excited. People started to scream even before I was announced. I tried not to hear it, but I couldn't of course. Anyway, just like yesterday I tried to take their energy and use in my own good. (on her season) This season was very good for me. I was higher than last year in Europeans, I don't know what place I get here, but certainly better than 13th in Turin. Generally I performed good in every competition, that is important for me. (on her plans) I haven't spoken with my coach about our plans yet.

Yuna Kim (KOR) 2nd overall 2nd 194.50
128.59 TES61.72(3) PCS66.87(2)
{3Lz-3T +1.60, 3S-1T 0.00, 1F 0.00, LSp4 +0.93 // 2A-2T-2Lo +0.93, 3Lz +0.90, FSp4 0.86, SlSt3 +0.93, ChSp1 +1.43, 3S +0.80, 2A +0.64, CCoSp4 +1.00}
What a bad luck for Queen! that she performed after the Witch… Yuna checked her 3Lutz again and again in warming-up six minutes, and killed it 5+ times. What perfectionism! the queen still has. Then she killed also in program on her starter 3Lz-3T, and the second one. Her Korean Suites program, it might have needed more playing to the audiences, to fit.
::: Quick Quote :::
At the beginning I had a mistake (3S-2T turned 3S-1T) and got nervous after popped Flip, but I was back to normal, then I did my best. After the Olympic season I had been thinking whether I would come back or not. Physically I was ready, mentally I was not. For me it was the hardest thing to decide. Today I wanted to show my new program to the audiences, my fans. I was not thinking about results. I was ready to achieve my goals. I performed Korean music, it was really important for me and it gave me a lot of energy.
::: More from press conference :::
(On returning to competition and her future plans) I am so happy that I overcome the hardest times for this competition. I'm just so glad that I finished this big event. Now I just want to relax and go back home, to do my shows next week. (On why she was crying during the medal ceremony) I really can't tell you why. I was standing there on the podium and tears were just falling down my cheeks by themselves. I guess, because I had such a long break from competitions. (On the risk of not having another competition before Worlds) I didn't have enough time to prepare for the Grand Prix series or Four Continents, as I needed to take a break after the Olympics; and I was still busy doing other things. I don't think that's why I made mistakes. I just got nervous - the reason why, I guess. (On choosing Korean music for her long program and the images she was trying to show) I had been thinking it over and over, how should I present Korean music to the public. With my emotions and moves I was trying to express gratitude to the Korean people, for there were lots of Korean fans in the crowds and I was getting great support from them. I had seized this opportunity to thank my fans for their supporting and cheering, so far.

Alissa Czisny (USA) 5th overall 5th 182.25
120.78 TES60.65(4) PCS61.13(5) -1.00(fall)
{3Lz(fall) -2.10, 3F(e)-2T -0.40, 3T-2T-2Lo +0.40, FCSp4 +0.79 // 3Lo +0.80, ChSp1 +1.86, 3Lz-2T -0.30, 2A +0.50, 3T 0.00, CCoSp4 +1.36, CiSt2 +0.79, LSp4 +1.36}
After her fall on her starter 3Lz-2T, she would have missed other jumps, that you might see many times. But new Alissa Czisny in the MegaSport, hit the rest of her jumps for Alissa Suites: "Winter into Spring" by George Winston.
::: Quick Quote :::
I was a bit nervous today but overall this season was a whole lot better than last season. I think I've come a long way this year with new coaches and a new confidence. Obviously nobody expected even this (top 5 finish, her best result among 3 World Championships) of me, but I had very high expectations of myself and that drove me throughout the season. Next I'm going to do some shows in Korea (with Yuna) which I'm excited, for I bring new show programs. After that, taking a little break is in order.

Carolina Kostner (ITA) 3rd overall 3rd 184.68
124.93 TES60.30(5) PCS64.64(2)
{3F +1.30, 2A +1.00, 2A-3T +0.20, FCCoSp3 +0.50, CCoSp4 +0.57 // 3S +1,20, 1Lo-2T 0.00, 3Lo -0.50, ChSp1 +1.71, SlSt4 1.43, 3S-2T-2T 0.70, FCSp4 +0.57}
And, what a bad luck for Alissa, particularly Carolina. There was still Alena's vibes left… Her engraving Level4 SlSt, couldn't match the witch's spell.
::: Quick Quote :::
I am really happy. Even I didn't know if I could compete, but I did and won a medal. Yesterday I made a mistake and I was angry with myself, for it cost a lot as it was SP. But today's mistake was not so terrible as I could have a chance to secure it with the rest of it. (On Worlds in Moscow) I competed here in 2005 and I won bronze too, so I can say that: it is nice for me to compete in Moscow.
::: More from press conference :::
I'm very, very happy with the result. When I was skating, my biggest thing was to be thankful for the season, to try and enjoy it. I'm so happy that I have found joy in skating again, as last year it was a hard time for me. So, it was a big motivation to have joy again, to enjoy skating. (on wining a medal) I honestly didn't think of it really, but it just makes me much better.

Ksenia Makarova (RUS) 9th overall 7th 167.22
105.60 TES46.52 PCS60.08(6) -1.00(fall)
{3F +0.70, 3T-3T< -0.50, 3Lo +0.50, CCoSp4 +0.86, ChSp1 +1.14 // 3Lo<<(fall)+SEQ -0.90, 2A-2T-2Lo +0.21, 3S-2T(invalid element), 2A +0.29, LSp2 +0.50, SlSt3 +0.79, FSSp3 -0.13}
It could be so:
::: Quick Quote :::
no comment Coach Evgeni Rukavitsin: In my opinion, it was because of the sixth starting number. It was very difficult for her to wait so long. We tried to keep her focused as much as we could, but everyone around us was talking, walking around. Her hip hurts, but this wasn't the problem. I saw the progress in it, but not as much as what to expect. She killed all in training and even more. She wasn't able to show all the stamina that we had built in training. She hasn't enough experience for the last starting number.

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#9 Nobu exclusive & other LADIES FS Quick Quotes
::: Nobunari Oda left a special message for you. Japan Skates will post his article(s) soon. :::

Nobu 3 days after FS:
I made a big mistake, to pay penalty with losing places. However, still I'm looking ahead to continue giving my all.

10. Elene Gedevanishvili (GEO) overall 10th
Both seasons, this and previous, were inconsistent. I had ups and downs, and now I work really hard on this. Now I will start to prepare for the next season, maybe we will change some things in the way we train. I hope, next season everything will be more stable. Everything changed about this World Championships, we planned to come to Japan with my coach Robin Wagner, and after the championships she had plans, and she couldn't change them anymore, when we found out that the competition will be moved. That's why she didn't come. (on her cooperation with Nikolai Morozov) I will continue to work with him, but now I cannot say yet, how this partnership will look like.

12. Cynthia Phaneuf (CAN) overall 13th
I’m a bit disappointed with the results. I don’t think my last year's high scores affected my performance. I was a bit more tired, I had more pressure this year, had a lot of hard practice. I’m looking forward to starting practice on my new program to bring all the refinements to it. I would be happy to be back to training, I’m willing to work even more. I want to come back being stronger for the next season and to show a really good skating. I want to do well at the Grand Prix as the start of my new season. This year wasn’t very good so I have a lot to build up for the Olympics.

18. Amelie Lacoste (CAN) overall 16th
It was great to compete here, but the long was tough. With the qualification I've been here for a week. I did some mistakes and it was a little shaky at the beginning, but I felt good, not nervous at all. Moreover I had a good practice and a good warming-up before performing and the crowd was really good, too. I wanted to enjoy the skate since it was the last time I performed this music. I will now have a little break and start my practice and choreography in the beginning of June.
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#10 Wrap-ups from Japanese media, Photos links, PAIRS Quick Quotes

((ICE DANCE QQ later))

+++ Wrap-ups from Japanese media +++

- There are not so much interesting pieces, if you have already read MEN&LADIES QQ, but Japanese Ladies gave Japanese media a short "chat" the day after FS.
Miki: (on she noted after SP that she has worked on 3-3-3 combination - look at #6 LADIES SP) It's a 3Lz-3Lo-3Lo, and particularly it means the preparation for 3Lz-3Lo.
Mao told about that her coach Nobuo -Papa- Sato said to her: I need some refinements on skating itself, jumps, conditioning, he said so. He just has known me, he's going to find out about me.
(TV's say she lost her weight -5Kg, and papers say Kumiko -Mama- Sato noted that she could have killed 3As, if it were in late March in Tokyo.)
Kanako: (was moved to meet ICE DANCE) Jumps are must-have, yet, I need to have the smoothness of skating as well, as some top ladies and ice dancers have.

- Japan team had collected massages from Russians for Japanese people in disaster area, @ MegaSport.
Men photos: http://www.universalsports.com/photos/galleryid=531649.html#2011+worlds+backstage+saturday
Mao&kanako&Narumi photos:

+++ Photos +++

Universal Sports gives tons of photos! At least for one hour, you never get away from there:

Japanese Paper collects Japanese & a few more LADIES photos:

+++ PAIRS Quick Quotes +++

1. Qing Pang/Jian Tong (CHN) 2010 World Champions & Olympic silver medalists
Pang: It went really well today, all the elements were well done. Today's performance gives us confidence for FS tomorrow.
Tong: We are just happy that this competition takes place and that we could achieve a seasons best score. Tomorrow, wish we could perform a strong program and could make all our jumps.
::: More from press conference :::
Tong: We were very happy with the way we performed, and especially with our program component score. (On the fact that Worlds was postponed for four weeks) It didn't affect us at all. (On their future plans) It is possible that we want to continue to compete.

2. Aliona Savchenko/Robin Szolkowy (GER) 2011 European Champions
Savchenko: We did everything what we could do. We gave a nice program. My parents are here to watch and we gave everything we have.
Szolkowy: We are satisfied with our performance, but the score was not good enough (to be in first place). We can sleep well tonight, relax to skate clean tomorrow. It felt still good to skate after the long break (due to Worlds being moved). The audience was great and that made us happy. Everything is still possible, but obviously you're more relaxed when you have a little advantage (in points). It was a great program and we did all elements. We very really happy and I think you could see that.
::: More from press conference :::
Szolkowy: Compared to the rest of the season, this was another good program. (On the fact that Worlds was postponed for four weeks) The last three, four weeks it was hard to keep the motivation for this competition.

3. Tatiana Volosozhar/Maxim Trankov (RUS) 2011 National Champions
Volosozhar: We are pleased with our performance. Our nervousness showed a bit at the end, we were a little tired and couldn't give a 100 percent. (On being the new "dream team") Some fans said before that they would like to see that we skate together and they felt it would be a good match.
Trankov: This is our first Worlds and at the same time our first major international competition as a team. Today, Artur Gachinski's performance inspired me. He performed with so much confidence and I had been ashamed to look nervous. (On the support) We got now two countries cheering for us, Russia and the Ukraine and we felt a lot of power. It was an amazing atmosphere out there in that huge rink. (On being a new couple and already favorites) For us, it is definitely amazing that we are Russian Champions. We try not to think about winning.
::: More from press conference :::
Volosozhar: (On their placement) Surprised, pleased. This is our first season together, with new coaches and a whole new team.
Trankov: (On their strong debut at Worlds as a team) We just worked and try to feel better every day. We just try to skate for each other and I think it works for us. (On the fact that World was postponed for four weeks) We were in Japan when the tragedy happened and after the long trip back home to Russia, we had a break and changed bots. So we didn't have such hard practices. We had two, three weeks to prepare for this competition, but it was fine. Our season was short as we didn't compete in so many events.

4. Vera Bazarova/Yuri Larionov (RUS) 2011 European bronze medalists
Bazarova: It was so nice to perform here in Moscow, we felt, how the crowds support us from the first moments of the warm‐up and till the end of the program. We will try to do the same in FS.
Larionov: It was nice, but it was more difficult to perform here, because of the responsibility. (on moving the Worlds to later dates) It was difficult of course, but everybody was in the same condition. You just have to be able to concentrate, this is what you call professionalism.

5. Yuko Kavaguti/Alexander Smirnov (RUS) 2011 European silver medalists
Kavaguti: It was nice to compete with the support of the Russian and Japanese fans, and I thank them for their support.
Smirnov: (On the fall in the footwork) I got carried away by the emotions in the program and I forgot to focus on my feet and so it was my fault. We were at our peak at the time for Worlds in Tokyo, and after the tragedy happened, our coach Tamara Moskvina tuned down the training a bit but then stepped it up again and now we were ready. Tonight we try to relax and we won't rush to draw conclusions. Tomorrow we'll fight.

6. Narumi Takahashi/Mervin Tran (JPN) 2011 World Junior bronze medalists
Takahashi: I'm satisfied with this performance. It was the best we could give. We achieved a seasons best, but we thought we could break the 60 points, so we were a little disappointed with the score. hope to continue like this in FS.
Tran: We're pretty happy to give a clean short program finally. I wished we could reach 60 points as well, but it is a good feeling anyway, to get a seasons best.

1. Aliona Savchenko/Robin Szolkowy (GER) overall 1st
Savchenko: This is an amazing new seasons best. It was a very fantastic atmosphere in the arena, my parents are there as well. And it was quite good for us to perform first and the number 13 (the starting number they had today) seems to be a lucky number for us. It is special for us to win this third title here in Moscow. We have good memories of Moscow. We competed here in our first Worlds in 2005.
Szolkowy: It was a perfect program at the end of this long season.
::: More from press conference :::
Savchenko: I think this third World title will go into the history of German figure skating. The performance felt as good as the one at 2007 European Championships. This title is special because, first of the performance we gave, second because it was in Moscow and third because it is the third title. (On continuing on to Sochi 2014) Now it is 2011 and we'll consider whether or not year by year. (On their LP) We believed in this program. We were sure about it from the very beginning.
Szolkowy: It has been a long season and everybody is happy that it is over now. There is no real off season. Our plans for the future are skating, skating, and skating.

2. Tatiana Volosozhar/Maxim Trankov (RUS) overall 2nd
Volosozhar: It was great, emotions are just overwhelming! For me this was a very serious competition, plus I didn't compete for a long time. We were third after SP, so it was a little hard to concentrate, but everything went nice. We wanted to show what we have done on our trainings to everybody: crowds, judges.
Trankov: (on his words, he said yesterday about Artur Gachinski) Today Artur took half of my nervousness away. I was so nervous when he skated. Then it was my turn to perform, I got much more calm. So we have one bronze, one silver, and let's hope, maybe we can get a gold now. I would like to say "hi" to Ukraine, where my partner comes from. Now we will work on our new programs. So good, that we proved we could match the strongest pairs in the world.
::: More from press conference :::
Volosozhar: We just wanted to present ourselves, as we are a new team. This was our first major international competition as we were unable to compete at the Europeans as I hadn't been cleared yet to compete for Russia. We just wanted to show our best performance and that's what we did. (On talking to each other before performing) I won't disclose all the secrets, but we are always talking to each other before we compete. At the end, Maxim said that we just want to skate for each other. This is our first Worlds and ending up in the top three is very good.
Trankov: Today we felt much calmer to perform, as we already had started the competition and it got easier since then. We also had some advantage in SP score over our competitors behind us, even we could have had a mistake. The main thing was to cope with our nerves. We had to perform the last and we took it in a philosophical way. (On continuing on to Sochi 2014) If we couldn't believe in our chances for Sochi, we wouldn't have teamed up and moved to Moscow. (On their season) Our season was shorter than other teams and we only started skating together this season. We are pleased that we gave our all.

3. Qing Pang/Jian Tong (CHN) overall 3rd
Tong: I think this competition was very hard to prepare (because of the disaster in Japan) and I would like to express our sympathy to the Japanese people. We hope that they will recover from this situation as soon as possible.
Pang: We were a little nervous today and it is a pity we didn't skate as well as we could have, but we will try harder next time.
::: More from press conference :::
Tong: Today it would have been a good opportunity for us, but we missed it. It is our coach's birthday and we have been skating together for 18 years. Maybe I thought too much and got too nervous, maybe that's why it was hard. After the Olympic Games we thought we take a break. It was a hard year and we had won our second World title, but we thought that we want to collect some points for the Chinese team and to keep Chinese skating at a high level. We committed to the whole season and we think it was a good experience for us. We didn't expect that the schedule would be so tight, though. The World Championships were at a very high level and I think also next season the level will be equally high. (On continuing until Sochi 2014) If possible, we would like to compete in Olympics - which would be our fourth Games.

4. Yuko Kavaguti/Alexander Smirnov (RUS) overall 4th
Kavaguti: We love this program so much, that we just can't perform it badly.
Smirnov: We performed good, beautiful and gently. It was hard to concentrate for this performance, but Yuko told me let's skate for us, for our coach, for the crowds here, so we did. I think we made what we wanted, we gave everybody this feeling of warmth. One element we couldn't make, but we still have time until Sochi. (on their plans) We will have new programs, even several. Tamara Nikolaevna (Moskvina) has some plans already, and even us don't know everything about those.

5. Vera Bazarova/Yuri Larionov (RUS) overall 5th
Larionov: I don't know what happened, I made a serious mistake (fell on toe). No way!
Bazarova: (on having a successful season) It is disappointing to end it like that, not on the highest point. Well, we will not relax and will be going on. It was a difficult season and very long one. Usually this period of year we've got ready for the next season, we start working on new programs, fitting new boots, but now we need to do that later. We will continue working.

6. Caitlin Yankowskas/John Coughlin (USA) overall 6th
Coughlin: The long program today, everything was as it should be ‐ a farewell to this very emotional piece (he kissed the ice afterwards, for this program is dedicated to the memory of his mother, who passed away last year). Our first National title is something that we'll never experience again, so we wanted to savor that and sent it out in the right way. I'll be grateful forever to everyone who got involved in this program.
Yankowskas: I knew it was going to be a good performance because we were both really serene before we came on the ice. I just looked at him and I got chillin, thinking "Oh man, we're not alone." So I had the utmost confidence going into this program and we didn't back away. It was so awesome to perform in that way.

10. Narumi Takahashi/Mervin Tran (JPN) overall 9th
Takahashi: It was still a learning stuff for us. We are young and we will come back with stronger performances. I am disappointed with my mistakes.
Tran: Although we had the mistakes, overall it was a pretty strong performance. This is our first senior Worlds and we learned a lot from here. We'll finish in the top ten and that's not bad for us.

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#11 Daisuke TAKAHASHI confirmed his competing until Sochi, ICE DANCE Quick Quotes

((The last post for this Worlds in Moscow. Thank you all!))

::: from Japanese media :::
Daisuke: Before the Worlds, he had been thinking about whether he would continue to compete or not after the Worlds. But his boots problem on FS, "that could be the 'good' reason for competing until Sochi.", explained Daisuke. "I don't know if I could make a team for Sochi, but I don't want to quit with such a performance in Russia. wanna come back to Russia."

+++ ICE DANCE Quick Quotes +++
What charming guys ICE DANCERS are! - utmost independent souls.

1. Tessa Virtue/Scott Moir (CAN) 2010 Olympic & World Champions
Virtue: (On their FD) Everything about this FD is different from our FD from the Olympics. I really feel we're pushing ourselves in this one, we are really challenging ourselves. It's not a comfortable program to skate, it wasn't certainly at first, but it's feeling like our program now and it's very exciting to debut it and we hope everyone likes the fun energy that it brings. It's fun to skate in that way. All our technical elements and preparation went well, so we just needed to do our thing and get back to the Tessa and Scott that love to skate and love to compete. That's really working for us here and we feel like we are really well prepared.
Moir: It felt great. We are very pleased with our skate tonight. It's been a couple of months since Four Continents, but we did exactly what we wanted to do, go out there, do a strong Waltz, keep the flow. It felt like we got all the key points that we wanted. (On recovering from the disappointment at Four Continents) It didn't take us long to recover from the shock. Our first priority was to get Tessa healthy. We scrapped the lift that was giving us problems, specifically her, grabbing up her leg, once that was gone it was kind of clear sailing from there. We had normal bumps in the road obviously with not knowing where Worlds was going to be and had a couple of injuries here and there, but it was a great preparation and we feel like we are here as a completely different team.
::: More from press conference :::
Virtue: (On the delayed Worlds) It was heartbreaking of course and to see the footage from Japan was just gut‐wrenching. We felt helpless as athletes but we just needed to go with the flow and be ready for whatever decision was made. At that time, thinking about figure skating and worrying about a competition seemed stupid and extremely insensitive.
Moir: (On their first visit to Moscow) Tessa and I are very excited to be here for our first competition in Russia. We've only been to St. Petersburg very quickly for a show, and it has such a rich history of figure skating. We're very grateful to the Russian organizing committee for all their hard work and for giving us an opportunity to skate.

2. Meryl Davis/Charlie White (USA) 2010 Olympic & World silver medalists
Davis: The SD went really well for us tonight (they set a new season best score). We're really pleased with our performance and we're ready and excited to go out for the FD tomorrow.
White: We just need to skate our best. We've been doing it all season, we've got the material, we know how to do it. We've just got to go out there and perform the way we know how.
::: More from press conference :::
Davis: (On the delayed Worlds) we felt very helpless at the time and there was a week or two when we weren't sure what would be going on with us, but at the same time it kept things in perspective and it was hard to worry about ourselves... and the World Championships. That being said, once the competition was put back on track in terms of scheduling, it really wasn't too much of a problem at our rink in Canton. We have several teams in the same position and so we really supported one another and trained really well. The Russian Federation has done such an amazing job putting this competition together so quickly that I'm sure all of the athletes here would like to thank them for providing us with the chance to compete.

3. Nathalie Pechalat/Fabian Bourzat (FRA) 2011 European Champions
Pechalat: I felt a little stressed, I have trouble with the tension during the day, but two hours before the competition, I started to get ready, I got calmer because I knew it was going to start soon. (On competing in Russia where they train) Everyday we have been training in this ice rink the past two years. And We use music from "Dr. Zhivago" which is the true Russian soul for us. We are skating as a French couple but in a Russian atmosphere with a great Russian coach (Alexander Zhulin). Right now I feel liberated and content. I did my job. Tomorrow, we can give everything. We have nothing to lose. I am focused for FD, wish it could bring us a medal.
Bourzat: I was focused but not tense. I felt like at the European Championships. For us, it feels like at home. We know this ice. I'm excited and a little bit tired right now. I'm excited for FD and we are aiming at a podium finish.
::: More from press conference :::
Pechalat: (On the delayed Worlds taking place in Russia) we are skating in exceptional circumstances as we are skating in Russia and to Russian music and we have Russian coaches, of course it is all held here because of the tragedy in Japan but we want to thank the Russian audience and the Russian figure skating for what they have done for us, even though we are French and Skating for France.
Bourzat: (On the Japanese tragedy) We love Japan so much because we always go there for shows and competitions, it's always a cheerful audience, and I hope everything will come back good. What we can do for them is just skating. It was also a good thing we could have the World Championships even if it is not in Japan, to show them our skating. Of course it was hard to go back to the preparation. Since we came here in Russia to work with Zhulin, we have learned a different way of skating. We changed our techniques and everything goes right and we are able to do everything better. I feel like we have skated for 3 years since we came here.

4. Maia Shibutani/Alex Shibutani (USA) 2011 Four Continents silver medalists
M. Shibutani: It felt great to get the first program out there. We've been really excited for our first Worlds. (On setting a new season best score in SD) It's the best way to start off for us.
A. Shibutani: It's been a long year and we skated really well. We were really well‐prepared coming into the competition, the audience was great, and Russia has done a fantastic job to organize. We love our FD this year ("Let's Face the Music and Dance" and "Smile"). We've put so much works and so much love into it. We're looking forward to showing the best that we can do.

5. Ekaterina Bobrova/Dmitri Soloviev (RUS) 2011 European silver medalists
Bobrova: In general we are satisfied with our skating. We got our season best. Of course we wanted to perform better, but tomorrow, if we could skate well, everything would be fine.
Soloviev: We were pretty calm, skated without overwhelming emotions, which could have troubled the performance. It is quite difficult to perform at home, because this is a big responsibility, you have to be very good. But the support from the crowds and even people on the streets is amazing. We know about our medals (bronze in Men and silver in Pairs), so even a bigger responsibility lays on our shoulders. Unfortunately, we lost level four on our lift, as Katja (Bobrova) grabbed her foot too late.

6. Elena Ilinykh/Nikita Katsalapov (RUS) 2010 World Junior Champions
Ilinykh: In general we are very happy with our result, we've got very high points. Of course, we had some small mistakes, but the ice was fabulous, it was very easy to skate. Of course we want a medal, we want to get out own Grand‐Prix event. We don't concentrate on this, but there are thoughts in your head. Plus everybody here showed such good results, Artur, Tanja and Maxim, so we wanted to show our best. (On their rivals) We are so happy, that Tessa and Scott (Virtue and Moir) managed to come. Because even to watch them train is something unreal! You just see, where you should train for yourself, for they are brilliant, a true couple.
Katsalapov: It was super. We skated for ourselves, and for our parents and friends, who were here watching us. (On skating at home in the rink they train every day) It helps us a lot, there was so much support, the crowd was so loud and this is what we need. We gave our possibly best, but there were a few small mistakes in the Waltz part, so we got a lower level.

7. Kaitlyn Weaver/Andrew Poje (CAN) 2010 Four Continents Champions
Weaver: (On her hair falling out) Maybe it caused - the change of music, but It's NO WAY! It actually never happened to me so far! I was distracted for a moment but put that behind me. (On their performance) It was probably the best of this season, even though our seasons best score is at Four Continents. At the 4CC the technical content was all right, yet we were not quite relaxed there. Here we were really relaxed at the end of the season.
Poje: (On this being a long competitive week) It was good to be here early for the qualifying round, that was a simulation of the actual event.

8. Anna Cappellini/Luca Lanotte (ITA) 2010 National silver medalists
Cappellini: It was strange that we couldn't compete for such a long period of time and we watched other skaters competing. We were trying to go to the Europeans but Luca's situation was not ready and we didn't rush it because we wanted to make sure that the same problems never return to Luca. It has been a tough season with lots of changes and lots of things going on, but we focused well and we skated well today. It is the first time for us to have a Russian coach and lots of new things were brought to us, lots of new methods, and we have adjusted well.
Lanotte: My injury is on my left knee, that I simply fell on it. I couldn't go on the ice for 2 months but I'm completely recovered now and got healthy. Our federation told us that it is better to have a Russian coach and we decided to ask Nikolai (Morozov) and we fit well.

9. Madison Chock/Greg Zuerlein (USA) 2009 World Junior Champions
Chock: I felt so great in our World Championships debut, this was our first clean performance of this season in the SD. We're happy with the performance and it was very fun.
Zuerlein: I didn't have nerves going in. We trained really hard leading up to Worlds and we felt we were ready. The crowd was awesome out there. (On their FD goal) To entertain, as our FD is to Cabaret, a really fun program.

10. Vanessa Crone/Paul Poirier (CAN) 2011 Four Continents bronze medalists
Crone: (On her twizzle) We had a little bobble and it definitely didn't help us today. But we will fight back tomorrow. We were prepared for this competition pretty well, so definitely tomorrow will be better.
Poirier: It was a costly mistake. We were trying to get into the final flight, but now we know it's not going to happen. We'll fight back and we're aiming at finishing in the top five.

11. Pernelle Carron/Lloyd Jones (FRA) 2011 National silver medalists
Carron: (On changing their FD) In general it felt good, actually I didn't see him step out. We felt the previous FD didn't get the audience as we wanted, so we decided to change. We needed to find something more enjoyable.
Jones: (On the side by side step sequence) Yes, it wasn't quite as it should be. It wasn't nerves, I was just doing my thing, but I was trying to catch my distance back. (On changing their FD) No one told us to do it. We just came to our coaches after Europeans and told them that we want to change it. They told us no, we maintained that we already have the music and everything.

12. Nelli Zhiganshina/Alexander Gazsi (GER) 2011 National Champions
Zhiganshina: Maybe it wasn't our best and we didn't get a seasons best, but we still enjoyed skating a lot. (On Savchenko/Szolkowy winning the gold medal yesterday) I was very happy for them. So far, it has been a successful competition for the German team. Peter (Liebers) and Sarah (Hecken) also skated well.
Gazsi: Unfortunately I wobbled a little on the twizzles. The twizzles are like our triple Axel and it wasn't so good today.

13. Cathy Reed/Chris Reed (JPN) 2011 National Champions
Cathy Reed: We are very very happy because we did a clean program after such a complicated season, and achieved a seasons best. One program down, one will be tomorrow, I would like to bring out a strong performance. (On competing with their little sister Allison, who represents Georgia) I always wish her good luck and the best, but at the competition we are just concentrate on ourselves. Off the ice and on the ice is separate.
Chris Reed: It was a tough season, lots of things happened, the coaching change, program changes, etc, lots of changes and lots of work. It was a little bit shaky, but pretty good performance. (On competing against their little sister Allison) It is like a family reunion because we are training in different places, we don't see each other for a long time, but now we can spend a week together during competition.

1. Meryl Davis/Charlie White (USA) overall 1st
Davis: There were so many other amazing teams we've looked up to over the years and to be the first to win this title means the World to us. It's really been a great effort by all the Americans to get here. (On the success of their coaches) Marina(Zueva) and Igor(Shpilband) are very talented people and all three medalists in the ICE DANCE event come from our school. We're so proud to be part of this.
White: We couldn't be any happier. We've worked our entire life for this moment. It's never been easy, we put an extra effort when it got hard and it's just such a blessing it paid off when it counts here at Worlds. We were ready mentally, physically, and to be able to perform when it counted we are so proud of each other. We are so happy to be partners right now. It's really a dream come true for us. I think that was probably the best performance we've ever had in our career. We got to perform last, we got to skate after the Olympic Champions, to come out and do what we did, just to speak for our character and to our ambition and work ethics as well.
::: More from press conference :::
Davis: After we skated we had no indication that we had won gold. But Charlie said first thing "No matter what happens with the result", we're so thrilled and we can't ask for any more. We're just so pleased to have skated in the way we did, and throughout the season we've been saying that we just want to put everything out onto the ice and not hold anything back. And I definitely felt like we did that today. (On maintaining their individuality when training with the other couples) We know the differences between us and where we want to take our skating and what we're trying to put on ice.
White: (On training with the other two couples) I think we benefit tremendously from having each other there (in Canton, Michigan), having such amazingly talented skaters surround us all the time. We're very fortunate because we get along so well that we're not fighting each other, but instead, we're pushing each other in the right direction. Part of what makes it so great is that we're happy for each other and every day when we train it's the same thing.

2. Tessa Virtue/Scott Moir (CAN) overall 2nd
Virtue: I think I was a little bit sloppy at the end, we were a little tired, but we were really in the moment, skated each step at our 100%, which was exactly what we wanted to do.
Moir: We are really happy with the way we performed. That's a really demanding program, really tough, we thought we skated really well, and we are really proud of this silver medal. And we are really excited for all our training mates: Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani and Meryl and Charlie, and train with them all the year, we know how they work, and they deserve it. But for as... We really gonna celebrate this silver medal, it's really special. As we said yesterday, it’s our first competition, and we felt we came and did everything we wanted, so we are really proud and gonna hold our heads up high.
::: More from press conference :::
Virtue: (On their FD and showing a new side of themselves) I think that's exactly what we wanted to do this year. We set out to challenge ourselves and to push the boundaries of ice dancing. The complexity of our program is unlike anything we've ever done before and perhaps something the ice dance world hasn't seen. We're really proud of what we've accomplished. We're pushing the sport and we have to be happy with that. (On whether they will compete in Sochi) We’re just taking it one season at a time.
Moir: (On training with the other two couples) It is a huge benefit for us. It's really quite special to sit up here and to share the podium with these 2 other teams and to be able to see all the hard work ‐ all the blood, sweat and tears that they put into everyday's training. I'm very proud of them. The 6 of us are going to come back again next year and do it all again hopefully. We feel quite close to Maia and Alex, we've seen them come up in the last couple of years and they're not kids anymore ‐ you've got yourselves a world bronze medal and maybe I'm going to have to stop being as friendly. If these kids (Shibutanis) "have a lot of room to grow"(: Alex himself mentioned!) then I don't think we're going to be able to sleep for the next 3 years. (On finishing second) we're really happy with our performance. We're really proud of our season. This is a sport, we have to come and train, it's not the ice dance of old, it's really tough. I think it's changed a lot in the past 4‐5 years and we're proud of that. We're happy with both skates we had and we probably couldn't do any better than that and we're very proud of another world silver medal.

3. Maia Shibutani/Alex Shibutani (USA) overall 3rd
M. Shibutani: We're just speechless. Going into our first World Championships, we were really looking forward to just enjoying the experience and showing all the hard work we have put in this year. We're just happy having two solid performances so this result (bronze medal) is amazing.
A. Shibutani: I'm just shocked. There's an amazing caliber of skaters in this terrific competition and for us to be where we are... It's been a long year for everyone. We're proud of each other and how we skated in our first year at the senior level.
::: More from press conference :::
M. Shibutani: Unlike you guys we were surprised but really excited about medal. Our goal was to make a team of the World Championships. We were really happy to be here and to give two solid performances.
A. Shibutani: We're just very excited and we were here to soak up every single second. For us it's more like… "Holy smokes!", to look how hard we have to work to get to the level that they (Davis/White, Virtue/Moir) are at. These guys have pushed the sport so far, and they're amazing role models for Maia and myself to look up. Being here - we are right now with them, that really makes us proud. It's really an attribute to Marina's and Igor's creativity and their tremendous skill in coaching. For Maia and myself it just feels like we're just getting started and so we're always trying to find new strengths in ourselves and our skating. We feel we have a lot of room to grow and so we're going to continue to work hard and experiment with different styles in our skating.

4. Kaitlyn Weaver/Andrew Poje (CAN) overall 5th
Weaver: We've had so many flukes this season, a fluke in grabbing a foot or a fluke in costumes. So, we were ready to get over that. We're so proud of all places this season, and this is the place we deserve. Last Worlds we were 17th - this is a long way. To realize that we are among the best teams in the world is great.
Poje: The best part was the fact that it was a great performance for us. We gave two solid performances. We had a habit of having one great and one mediocre performance in our previous competitions this season. So we wanted to make sure that we put both programs out; we’re here to compete and not hold back. (On what they take from Worlds) We're gaining experience in high pressure situations.

5. Ekaterina Bobrova/Dmitri Soloviev (RUS) overall 6th
Bobrova: This was a very difficult season, because of many facts. We wanted to be in top three, we tried our best on the rink tonight, but the Canadians and Americans are obviously better now, but we will pull ourselves together and prepare for the next season as well as we can.
Soloviev: We wanted to make a present to each other with today's skating, to our fans as well, but emotions didn't let us. We really wanted to show more than we could have done. There were a lot of fans, I got very nervous and made a little mistake. I don't know, what the reason is… maybe our ambitions were too much.

6. Nathalie Pechalat/Fabian Bourzat (FRA) overall 4th
Pechalat: I don't know what happened. We have trained here for two years, we know this ice, it is very good. Fabian made a mistake... Now I am afraid, that the (Russian Figure Skating) Federation will not allow us to train here, and I like Moscow so much, I don't want to leave. After the fall, we knew we had to stay focused. Now we have to check what happened. We will move on and work on a new program.
Bourzat: It is not the end of the world, but it is a big disappointment for us. This was a program we felt comfortable with all season. The fall, it was mostly on my part. We were serene and confident when we went out. We've done good programs all season, and if there were errors, they could happen on the twizzles or the spin, not on the footwork.

7. Madison Chock/Greg Zuerlein (USA) overall 9th
Chock: It was exciting and a lot of fun. The crowd was really great, clapping through the whole performance. We've been working really hard this whole season, trying to improve at each competition and I think we've done that. (On a goal for next season) Make the World team again!
Zuerlein: (On their top 9 finish in their World Championships debut) We were excited to put out two solid programs with great levels in both.

8. Vanessa Crone/Paul Poirier (CAN) overall 10th
Crone: (on comparison with the previous Worlds) Overall we improved a lot since Turin. But I think there is still a lot to grow. we take it as a learning experience, and grow from here.
Poirier: Vanessa and I thought that we gave a really solid performance. We are really happy about the way we finished our season. We had a mistake yesterday, but we didn't let it get to us, we just focused on our today's performance and delivered a solid program, so we are very happy. (On the opinion, that they should change their style) We stay true to ourselves as skaters and artists. And obviously it would be boring, if everybody skated in the same way. I think everyone has a natural way of expressing themselves, and we are dancers, that’s what we do to express ourselves. So part of your style just comes from your natural character. Definitely we still need to work on the level of our performance, on polishing, this will come with time and practice.

9. Anna Cappellini/Luca Lanotte (ITA) overall 8th
Lanotte: We are happy about today's performance. At this competition, the result is not important for us because we just come back from long break, we have to show to the judges and people that "we are as high level as the other good skaters who are attending to this event.
Cappellini: Definitely I can say that for the next year we would not be happy with this kind of performance. We want move up more and show more sophisticated program and higher level performance.

10. Elena Ilinykh/Nikita Katsalapov (RUS) overall 7th
Ilinykh: We didn't hear the beginning of our music and we didn't know what to do, if we should continue or start again.
Katsalapov: The SD yesterday went well. As for the FD, not everything went as planned. Maybe the support of the crowd was so huge… it was just nerves. Yesterday it was easier, today the audience was more excited. Now our plans are to rest a few weeks, then we'll start to work. Next season we want to rock.

11. Nelli Zhiganshina/Alexander Gazsi (GER) overall 11th
Zhiganshina: It was difficult for everyone, because we all know this is our last performance, then the season is over. We are really excited that today we got all our levels of the elements again.
Gazsi: I am satisfied with what we have done. The season was very long, but very successful for us. It was an amazing season. The next season is going to start on next Monday, so we have to work hard. The program today was very good and we reached our seasons best, but we could have done it better. We were a bit tense. It was hard to stay focused.

12. Pernelle Carron/Lloyd Jones (FRA) overall 12th
Carron: It was definitely the right decision to change the FD. We felt it great skating and everybody enjoyed it. We got better marks for it. Jones: We're a little disappointed with our technical score, as we got only a Level2 for the step sequences. We expected to get higher Levels. On Tuesday we'll start to work on our new programs, so there are no holidays for us. We already found the music for the Latin SD and we got some ideas for the FD.

13. Cathy Reed/Chris Reed (JPN) overall 13th
Cathy Reed: It was a great performance till the end. Chris was overexcited and he fell. (On their season) It has been a really hard season, there were a lot of changes. After Skate America we were disappointed and we decided to change coaches and to change our FD. We've improved a lot in such a short term. We realized how strong we are as a couple. So I'm looking forward to the next season. We'll improve even more.
Chris Reed: (On his fall) Yes, I was overexcited. I lost my balance and I knew that I would fall. It was a little disappointment, but it was still a strong program.
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