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Grand Prix Final Beijing summary from Aiko

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 12, 2010 3:53 pm    Post subject: Grand Prix Final Beijing summary from Aiko Reply with quote

Our Japanese correspondent, Aiko Shimazu from Pigeon Post (who conducted the Akiko Suzuki interview this summer) was in Beijing this past weekend and reports to us on the Ladies event. Enjoy!


SP - Friday

Akiko SUZUKI starting number #2
58.26 TES30.06 PCS28.20 placed 4th
{3F-2T, 3Lz(e), FCSp4, LSp4, 2A, CCoSp4, SlSt1}
Akiko showed her performance "as it's best at this moment," she commented. If her one-handed Beillmann could be executed as it was in the warming up 6 minutes! so fast, handsome Beillmann she can perform, yet she said "I can't perform Beillmann," around summer. Anyway, SlSt(Level1??) Akiko turned on her charm as usual, closed her "Jalousie" to light a fire in crowds. Her PCS might be lower than the score peoples expected, due to the early starting order, or, because her performance might be lower than the judges expected of her. Her "Jalousie", is cropped off some impressive moves as a competition-cut, those were the flares of it, and definitely her own taste what we expect of Akiko. You can watch the "director's cut" edition on YouTube. (+ key word: DOI)

Kanako MURAKAMI starting number #3
61.47 TES33.04 PCS28.43 placed 3rd
{3T-3T, 3F, LSp4, 2A, FSSp3, SlSt3, CCoSp4}
"Jumpin' Jack" Kanako, she was the sparkling water! on Friday, if other girls were the natural. She displayed all her jumps(stunning 3T-3T, 3F, 2A) which were "the best," Kanako's compliment. Unlikely some young men of this competition, it's so great that she figured the lines as intricately as "big sisters" - Kanako calls them. She gave a swing jazz by her 2A, then her bubbles popped a little bit. She could have beaten even more "big (and tall) sisters"!

Miki ANDO starting number #6
50.45 TES22.67 PCS28.78 deduction -1.00 placed 5th
{3Lz-3Lo<<, 3F<<(fall), 2A, FSSp2, SlSt3, CCoSp4, LSp1}
Miki tested her decent, lady-like new program, "The Mission" a cello music by Yo-Yo Ma. Bad luck was to skate after Alissa, who had done it at her best, and used similar music, similar costume color, similar elements order, so tasted similar. Though Miki "fit this music," she explained. A good opportunity for Japan Nats 2 weeks later!

FS - Saturday
What a night!
Girls did it!

Miki ANDO starting number #2 overall 173.15 5th place
122.70 TES64.64 PCS58.06 placed 1st
{3Lz-2Lo, 3Lo, FSSp2, CCoSp2, ChSp1 // 2A-3T, 3Lz, 3S, 3T, 2A-2Lo-2Lo, SlSt3, FCCoSp2}
Miki, made her every jump so easily (see these GOEs of judges scores), as the male quad jumpers dispatch their triples, without preparations. - That's not surprising, you know she's still the female quad jumper! She powered more and more as she hit her masculine jumps, boldly finished as love! the same experience as Jimi Hendrix!! Her FS score(122.70) is her season's best, as other girls'. She may reach her personal best scores at 2007 World championships in Tokyo, again in Tokyo!

Akiko SUZUKI starting number #3 overall 173.72 4th place
115.46 TES58.18 PCS57.28 placed 5th
{3Lz, 2A-3T<, 3Lo, FCCoSp3, ChSp1 // 3F(e)-2t, 2F(e), 3Lo~2A, 3S, FCSp4, SlSt3, CCoSp4}
Akiko entered in enthusiasm, that Miki left there. Changing her jump elements: two 3Fs, 3Lo~2A in the second half, she whiz on "Prologue/Tradition" to "Miracle of Miracles", as she has past her challenging, amusing life. Then she tuned "Sunrise, Sunset" to cry with happiness, sadness, and beauty. 2A-3T with "<", the 2nd Flip turned double, two Flips with "e", that seemed to be the bitter taste of life, of her literally program. As always, dancing SlSt "To Life" to you, to life, she generated much more enthusiasm, as Alissa did by her spins. (This competition, I re-confirmed that Chinese most favorite single element: SPIN) But Akiko, also, Miki and Kanako, their ChSp lines were shorter than Alissa's and Carolina's. So you understand why their GOEs were lower.

Kanako MURAKAMI starting number #4 overall 178.59 3rd place
117.12 TES59.98 PCS57.14 placed 2nd
{3T-3T, 3Lz(e), FCSSp4, 1F, LSp3 // 3F-2T, ChSp1, 3Lo, 2A, 3S-2Lo-2Lo, SlSt3, CCoSp4}
Kanako had been sparkling till the end on Saturday! So great too, that 3T-3T is her regular jump! It's not "the easiest" 3-3, if you think it's mistake. - you must take a risk, the lowest 3-2 score. Despite one popped Flip, she gave her all, but maybe crowds wanted her more. - They expected a show starring Kanako Murakami.

---What a show! Top 6 girls gave to us. (Rachael had fought!)
"All-Japan" National Championships, it must be loaded with shows, for 2011 Worlds in Tokyo! - Mao, she waits for these 3 girls!
Japan Skates - The world's number one resource for Japan's champion lady skaters!
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